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EWR APW PPV November Gym Wars

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So I started off my new EWR game. I am a small promotion called APW who have no TV and just monthly PPV’s. The game started in November 2013. I managed to sign some notable WWE releases including AJ Lee, The Bella’s and also El Generico (Sammi Zayne) who wasn’t released by WWE as wasn’t contracted to them at the time this game came out. I also signed Curtis Axel, however after 1 gig he is back in the “E” and as you’ll see I’m not too happy lol. Anyway onto the PPV itself I have done plenty of screen shots so you can all see.


Here we go then. Here is the the card.


The show started with a dark match. Kid Omega Vs Tito Aquino




Now in the post report for this I have seen these 2 didn’t work too well together so probably won’t pair them again.


The full show started with The Bella’s attacking Cheerleader Melissa.




This helped set up the Womens Title match later in the evening when Ayako Hamada was added to the mix.


In a 1 on 1 bout El Millonario Vs Manu Anoai again I thought these 2 would put on a good match for the fans.Image


It looks like the crowed were into this match which was good and helped move the PPV forward.


We than had Hamada come out and talk about Brie Bella to set up the 4 way for the title.




I then hyped the main even of Austin Aries Vs El Generico for the AWP Universal Heavyweight Title (this is the title I’m chosing as my main title).




It was then time for our 4 Way for the Womens Title The Bella’s Vs Cheerleader Melissa Vs Hamada.





I decided to go with Brie winning as she is the one who is doing the most in WWE atm and think she will be a good heel for my company.


The APW Worldwide Internet Title was up next (secondary title) pitting Curtis Axel Vs Balls Mahoney.




So I have Axel win only for him to sign a new deal back at WWE the next day and the Title is vacant again. Who will face Balls at the next PPV as he has an automatic clause as he lost to Axel who has since left.


We now have a Tag Team Title match which I have since realised I’ve made a mistake with who I put in one of the teams, I will however find a way round this in the next PPV. The only champions in the company were Border Patrol.





So Gangrel and Steele are the new Champions.


Its now Main Event time for the APW Universal Heavyweight Championship in an Iron Man Match.





So El Generico is left floored after the end of the PPV after winning the belt, what will happen when we next go on PPV in December. I will post this when I get it done over next few days.


This is the rating of the PPV




Many thanks for reading, if you think we should try and sign anyone please make suggestions and I will do my best to sign them.


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NEW EWR game

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Decided to start a brand new EWR game, haven’t played for a while and decided to see if I can take a small promotion into the big time. I think I might be able to do at least something will update as I can. Hope you will enjoy it.

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WWE Monday Night Raw 10/10/11 as it happend

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Tonight will be the first time I’ll be posting a report as Monday Night Raw SuperShow takes place. Tonight may prove to be a massive show with the fallout set to continue from last weeks big walkout. Join me here and keep refreshing the page as the show goes on air live from 2AM.

2.00 The show starts with a recap of last weeks events and everyone walking out. As cameras go live to the arena we get shots of the fans and an empty announce table and no pyro. Backstage we see HHH headed to the ring.

2.03 “Time to Play The Game” hits and HHH is making his way out.

2.05 HHH talks to the fans and tells them about the superstars who are outside and refuse to come in while he is in charge. He asks should he quit, the fans say a big no. Hunter refuses to quit and would even wrestle a broom for 2 hours as tonight he will give the fans Monday Night Raw.

2.10 Cena’s music hits and he comes out to the ring.

2.12 Cena tells us that he’s staying, he says he has worked for some bosses and lists a few inc the anonymous  Raw GM. He says he’s staying because he’s loyal.

2.13 Sheamus music hits now and he’s out to the ring.

2.15 Sheamus talks about how he fought HHH in the past and how he came thousands of miles to be part of Monday Night Raw and “he’s staying”

2.16 “Cult of Personality” and CM Punk comes out. He says he’s the guy who made walking out cool. He says some funny stuff about Nash. He tells us this isn’t ballet this is professional wrestling. He says that even though HHH thinks he’s the last guy he expected to be here but here he is. HHH says tonight he’ll make a match John Cena Vs Sheamus  with HHH as ref and CM Punk on commentary hell this could be fun.

2.21 Sheamus Vs Cena is underway with Punk on commentary wearing HHH’s blazer. We cut to a break as Punk ask’s who’s going to win. Indeed what’s going to happen?

2.25 We’re back with Punk on comms and calling the match. Holly hell it’s Vince!!!

2.27 Vince asks for the ring and he says he likes what has happened but has met with the board of directors. As a result of the walkout they are worried things may get out of control and their might be a financial meltdown. He tells HHH that the board have said his services of running Monday Night Raw are no longer required. They have appointed an interim GM until they can find a suitable replacement and they’ve appointed EVP John Laurinaitis. He stands on the stage as we go to a break.

2.35 Laurinaitis is in the back welcoming back talent Morrison tells him he sucks and in turn gets told to go out to the ring as he is and he’ll pick his opponent. He asks Christian to do it and he agrees. Boomer Sooner hits as we go back to the ring and JR makes his way out as does King and Cole who claims he started the revolution of change.

2.40 Morrison comes out and is followed by Christian who is accompanied by Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger. It’s nothing short of a squash as Morrison gets all 4 mens finishes. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him pink slipped soon.

2.46 Back from the break and Laurinaitis is in his office talking to HHH. He apologises and says he didn’t want the job. HHH asks him has he ever tried to pick up his teeth with broken fingers?

2.48 In the ring Mark Henrey says it’s taken him 15 years to get where he is and will fight anyone as long as they’re number 1 contender. We see a recap of Smackdown from Friday

2.51 Henry tells us at Vengeance “Vengeance is mine” only to be told by his opponent tonight Randy Orton “Vengeance is mine”

2.57 Back from the break and match is under way and Orton in control. But Henry soon regains. Only for Orton to get back into it only for Rhodes to distract him but Orton deals with him and hits a RKO but Rhodes pulls him out at 2 for the DQ . Orton takes Rhodes down only to get hit with 2 Worlds Strongest Slams from Henry. Rhodes then hits the CrossRhodes and calls for one of his bags and mocks him as Orton lays there.

3.10 Slam of the week showing Kelly Kelly taking out Beth Pheonix. Kelly is tonight teaming with Eve Vs Rosa and Tamina.

3.13 Eve wins the match with a nice moonsault on Tamina  as Laurinaitis comes down to the ring and tells us he has a job to do. He tells us that at Vengence Alberto Del Rio will face John Cena.

He now invites JR into the ring. He calls JR an “ingrate” and then tells him “You’re Fired” so once again JR humiliated in his home town, but seems like they’re running with the Mr Future Endeavours thing.

3.22 We are back and we have a 6 man tag, 1st out is Mason Ryan and his team mates are Air Boom their oponants are Swagger, Ziggler and David Otunga accompnied by Vicky Guerrero.

3.29 Mason Ryan (from North Wales not Cardiff if people bothered to learn geography in the US) took the match to Swagger. Otunga got the tag in for his team and wore down Kofi. Looks like Otunga has somehow ended up in Guerrero’s stable.

3.32 Ryan hit a massive swinging Bossman Slam type move for the win on Ziggler. After the match it looked like Evan Bourne was hurt as ref was checking on him.

3.38 We get another promo for Brodus Clay looks like he’s heading for a big push. Now a a trailer for John Cena’s new film The Reunion, honest opinion looks cack sorry.

3.41 Back in the ring and Ricardo Rodriguez introduces us to ADR who will be taking on CM Punk tonight. As we head to another break. Damn Americans and their short attention spans and they wonder why they loose viewers between segmants, it’s people flicking to get away from bloody adverts.

3.47 and the best theme music “Cult of Personality” hits and CM Punk makes his way out to the ring. Can he not commentate on his own match he was really good. A massive Punk chant starts around the arena. Punk gets the better of ADR early. On comms King and Lawler argue about JR being fired and how he is the only one who got fired after last weeks walkout.

3.51 and ADR has got a chin lock on Punk which punk gets out of and forces a 2 count.

3.52 and Laurinaitis comes out and stops the match and now makes it a tag match with Punk and ADR Vs Miz and R Truth who have been rehired. Truth raps down to the ring as we go to the break. Raw has been tonight and is becoming really watchable the direction is really interesting and makes me want to turn on week in week out again.

3.57 as we head to the overun we have a tag match of Awesome Truth Vs ADR and CM Punk, I wonder if this is the face turn for ADR heading into Mexico?

4.01 Awesome Truth working well as a team whereas Punk and ADR are not exactly working well as Del Rio tags into Punk and then heads up the ramp saying he’s injured his knee. It looks like we have a 2-1 match now for Punk.

4.03 and Punk is virtually in the 3 type of match inside 15 mins after starting 1 Vs 1 then 2 Vs 2 now 1 Vs 2.

4.05 Punk goes up to and hits his top rope tribute to Randy Savage.

4.06 As Awesome Truth get DQ’d for double teaming HHH hits the ring and he and Punk clear house as Miz and Truth get out of dodge. In the back Laurinaitis is talking to Otunga and says he’s making it HHH and Punk Vs Awesome Truth for Vengence.


Final thoughts on tonights show this was a really well put together show, started strong and never lost it’s energy all night. The limited use of Cena will be good for some people but what the 4 men at the top of the show did deserves a lot of credit.


Using Laurinaitis and JR’s history for him to “fire” JR in his home town is good and continues the Mr Future Endeavours character they are building for him. I expect other either storyline or in reality to follow, John Morrison being one and am not sure if it will be for real or not. He has been on a tightrope since Melina was fired.


The ending was nicely done too, smoothly moving Punk onto another feud and adding HHH into the mix is a nice touch. I like were the whole WWE is going and seems to be playing a long ball game with this whole thing and I for one can’t wait to watch.


Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll join me for more and keep reading the blog over the next few weeks as I bring you more wrestling and more sport right here. As always comments welcome and I’m on Twitter too catch you soon.



iMPACT Wrestling shown on Challenge 26/7/11

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Hello and welcome to this weeks iMPACT Wrestling report, am sorry about last week’s report not beening done but a family emergency cropped up. Due to some time constraints and some technical computer issues this weeks report will also be shorter than normal.

Show opens with a look back at last week’s events, were Sting employed the group of evil clowns to help in destroy the Immortal and win the World Heavyweight Championship.

As the show opens Sting comes down to the ring and cuts promo about how he won the World Heavyweight Championship, at first he was cut off by Kurt Angle who goes on about how they’re both legends and how their paths will cross at Hardcore Justice. As it was Mr. Anderson and Bully Ray came out to confront the two and a tag team march was made for later in the show.

We’re shown an update on the BFGS and its Crimson leading with 31 points Matt Morgan is in second place with RVD, Gunner and Devon all tied in third place.

This leads into tonight’s opening match a BFGS contest between Scott Steiner and Rob Van Dam.

I know I’ve been a little critical recently of Scots Steiner’s work but this was a passable match. I know many people think RVD is sloppy but both men in this match worked reasonably well.

The ending was something different because it incorporated something that annoys many people, Steiner went for the pin as usual, and as we would expect at the two he got up and started doing pushups. Then for some strange reason he then decided to get up and get into the referee’s face as he did this RVD slipped behind and got a schoolboy roll up for the win and 7 BFGS points to go with it.

So now Mickie James makes her way to the ring where she calls out Velvet Sky. There is love in between Velvet and Mickie untill Winter and Angelina come out and say that Winter is going to win the belt at Hardcore Justice and nobody will get their hands on “their” belt again.

In the back we see Sarita and Rosita are attacking Tara and Miss Tessmacher, as Tara and Tessmacher start to get the upper hand a little Madison Rayne came out of nowhere and attacked Tara.

Mike Tenay and Taz tell us that tonight we’ll have a four way ladder match which will be worth 10 BFGS points.

We quickly go to the back where AJ Styles is talking about how he’s going to win the ladder match when Christopher Daniels comes in, he says he wants a private word with AJ. The cameraman tries to hide but AJ sees him and slams the door shut. It could be just me or we could be seeing a turn for either of these competitors.

We are now shown one of those lovely mobile phone videos that TNA seems so intent on using supposedly after last week after show where Sarita and Rosita was supposedly attacked by Tara and Tessmacher and Sarita got her jaw broken (this is a storyline to explain why Sarita is wearing a face mask, in reality she suffered some facial paralysis. Why they can’t just say this is beyond me)

So this leads us to a match for the Knockouts Tag Team Titles between holders Sarita and Rosita against Tara and Miss Tessmacher.

To be honest this match wasn’t as bad as I thought it could be probably due to the fact that three of the four women a fully trained wrestlers and sometimes when you think and women’s matches you think of divas matches than WWE. My only real gripe with this match is that Sarita seemed to be struggling with the mask and her hair. The end came when Madison Rayne ran in got failed to do any real damage because Tara still hit a sit down powerbomb for the win and thus becoming the new Knockouts Tag Team Champions.

Next up we had the BFGS ladder match for 10 BFGS points between AJ Styles, Gunner, Matt Morgan and Samoa Joe.

Sometimes I can’t believe they give these matches away free on TV. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again there watching Samoa Joe do some of the moves that he does is just amazing, and I think the comments of  both Steve Austin and Jim Ross have made about him this week are completely justified. One of the moves that he pulled off tonight when he was whipped into the ropes, 22 came off them ducks a clothesline and dives straight through the ropes on to Matt Morgan.

The finish came when Gunner thought he had eliminated all the other men only for him to turn round straight into a Carbon Footprint, Morgan then climbs the ladder and grabs the clipboard for the win. Now it will be interesting to see what happens next as it looks like Morgan was being given a big push certainly towards the top four in the BFGS. This week it has been confirmed that Morgan is out for six weeks with a back injury.

The one thing I am now waiting for though is when Joe snaps and becomes this monster heel because he’s so frustrated at his lack of BFGS points.

We get some more quality comedy gold from Eric Young who is again on the road looking to defend his TV title. This week we see him at a petrol station where he finds D-Lo Brown, these two have some great back and forth banter were D-Lo tries to discourage Eric from having having a match there and then. As you would expect Eric doesn’t listen and as D-Lo tries to leave Eric rolls him up and counts three himself. D-Lo then chases Eric around store until a Eric escapes out of the door. To say the least D-Lo is not a happy bunny.

It’s now time for our X Division match of the night as the man who won Ultimate X to become the number one contender Alex Shelley faces champion Brian Kendrick.

As usual the X Division deliver and it’s a real fun match to watch, is nice to see the ending involving the man who’s just want a new contract with the X Division Austin Aries getting involved an hitting Shelley with a title belt giving Kendrick the win.

After the match in the back Kendrick says he doesn’t want to win this way and it should be about the best wrestler.

Next up we have my favourite segment of the week he says as he rolls his eyes to the back of his head, as Mexican America come out to the ring. They moan about Sarita and Rosita losing their belts tonight, they tell us that in a worried about the British Invasion although in my opinion they probably should be. They go on and on untill they say they want to call out Beer Money to thankfully Bobby Roode and James Storm answer. Somehow again we seem to have got some strange booking because each week they seem to change their mind who are the number one contender is for the tag team titles, anyway it seems as the Mexican America are the chosen ones and will get a shot at the belts and the PPV. I don’t know why it is I don’t like Mexican American but they just the grate on me, maybe that’s the point of the whole gimmick and I suppose if it is then it’s working.

So now it’s time for a Knockouts Title match between champion Mickie James and Velvet Sky. As Mickie makes her way to the ring Angelina and Winter come out and attack her. Velvet runs out to make the save when ODB and Miss Jackie return and also start beating on Velvet and Mickie continues for a few moments till unexpectedly Traci Brooks returns to even up the fight. As usual he completely inept security guards come down and end up getting kicked in the nuts, this all goes on until two police officers come out and put both ODB and Miss Jackie in handcuffs store them out through the crowd. This was all quite good the continued if feud between Mickie and Winter and also continued a storyline of ODB and Miss Jackie being renegades and not part of the organisation and continuing to attack Velvet.

In the back Velvet is talking to Traci who says she’s back to watch Velvet’s back and she knew that ODB and Miss Jackie would not honor their contracts.

It’s time for our main event a tag team match between Mr. Anderson and Bully Ray against Sting and Kurt Angle. As Anderson and Ray were coming down the aisle Ray tried to stop Anderson doing his usual entrance which Anderson completely ignored. This was a decent enough match from some of the top guys in the company at the moment. What was nice and surprising about the match was that we got a clean finish when Angle hit Anderson with the Hacker Slam.

As the show finishes Angle and Sting shake hands but Angle pulls him in for an even tighter stare down. Sting asks Angle if he’s gone too far or not far enough but angle looked puzzled to say the least so was I, however I’m sure all will be revealed as we get closer to Hardcore Justice.

Well that concludes this weeks report and I thank you for reading now there is a possibility that there won’t be any more reports from me here but Ray will tell you why in the next few days. I wish to thank you all for reading over the past couple of months I’ve had great fun in writing this blog and watching how TNA he is unfolded and is now in a much stronger position.

I do have my own blog on here which you can access by clicking my name, I intend to keep writing my wrestling box and maybe expanding them slightly by including football (the proper football for my American readers the one you play with your feet and not your hands!) when the season starts. I would love it if you continue to read. I would like to thank Ray for giving me this opportunity and I’ll end on a wrestling joke I wish him all the best in his future endeavours!

Untill I catch you all again take care and don’t forget you can follow me on twitter at

TNA Blogging

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Unfortunately I have heard that the blog I have been writing my exclusive TNA blogs for is closing by the end of this week, however I will be moving my weekly TNA blogs back to my own blog along with the odd WWE blog. So please look out for my TNA blogs starting with this weeks iMPACT Wrestling report which will be up either later today or tomorrow.

At least I can do them at my own pace and not work to deadlines. If you can please support me and continue to read my wrestling blogs.



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WWE Capitol Punishmet

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Well where can I start if like me you stayed up in the UK to watch this PPV that was punishment enough. Now to be fair I haven’t watched any WWE TV over the past couple of weeks and because I have not been sleeping to well I decided I would watch last night.

I wish I hadn’t bothered and just played Football Manager all night!

First up we have the United States Title match Dolph Ziggler Vs Kofi Kingston. To be honest this was the match of the night with some real nice spots and a good fast paced match. It really didn’t deserve to be the curtain jerker. There were lots of nice false finishes too.

The match was going nicely until the very end. Dolph locked in a sleeper hold, he blatantly used the ropes at one point in front of the ref so he could continue the hold, now as the ref saw this surely that should have been a break. As the hold continued Kofi started to lose conciousness again I have no problems with that, until the ref just called for the bell! Now forgive me but I have several things to be picky about here, firstly the ref was behind the men, how could he see how Kofi was reacting? Secondly why did he not do the tried and tested way to see if someone was out by lifting their arm up 3 times?

If they had done this the whole crowd would have known Kofi was out and could have understood what was going on but as it was it killed any heat the match had been killed when the ref just called for the bell without any explanation at all. I don’t think it really helps Dolph either as the new champ.

Winner and New United States Champion Dolph Ziggler

We go to the back and see R-Truth arriving carrying Cena’s belt which he stole recently, he says he is going to a party. Eve tells him she doesn’t know who he is anymore and he goes on to say nobody knows him anymore. I think I have said it before and I’ll probably say it a few more times during this blog but R-Truth is awful on the mic, he maybe ok when he is rapping but trying to deliver straight dialogue it is painful. I would go as far to say he is a bad as Hulk Hogan, sorry Hulk has improved lately so goes above him in my book.

We have one of the things WWE is good for and that is the video promos for matches. This time it’s for the contest between The Miz Vs Alex Riley.

Now Riley showed he has got some ring skills in this match and he has proved that he has got IT when on the mic. The only problem I have is where does he go after the programme with the Miz. I am not sure he is a good face as the crowd reaction to him tonight wasn’t really that great. Again this match wasn’t too bad and even the ending was ok.

Miz who for some reason still carries a brief case around (you’re not Mr Money in the Bank anymore) tried to use the case on Riely. Now the ref for this match was an observent ref and he cut him off and Riley hit a big DDT on Miz.

Winner: Alex Riley

As I say where this leaves Riley I don’t know and the Miz who up till a month or so was World Champ. I am not sure were either of these men go now, I can’t think of any feuds that these guys will now get into.

Ah yes now we get to see the “President” for the 1st time. Could the not have had a guy who looks a little more like Barack Obama? Anyway this silly segment leads to Vickie Guerrero pretending to Marilyn Monroe getting escorted away by the “Secret Service”!

Time for another video package and its all about Big Show getting run over and the subsequent feud with Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio makes his way out and as he starts to walk down the aisle Big Show runs out and attacks him. As they fight down to the ring Mark Henry then attacks Big Show in revenge for a previous attack. Now this was a good attack and show going over the announce table and then taking a Worlds Strongest Slam through the Spanish Announce Table.

Now, Big Show is down on the floor having not made it to the ring, Del Rio is in the ring yelling at the ref to count, forgive me if I’m wrong the bell hasn’t started for the match yet the ref starts to count. So as the ref gets to 8 Show manages to get into the ring. Now we get to the 2nd screwy ending in the first 3 matches. After Big Show mounting a small comeback Del Rio manages to lock in his Arm Bar finisher only this time on Show’s leg. Now Show manages to get to the ropes and gets the hold broken, the ref then goes to check on Show who tries to stand up, as he has trouble the ref calls for the bell. Now once again we had no I Quit from Show or anything just the ref calling the match. If show had been that bad Del Rio would have pinned him soon enough, there was no need for the BS finish. What I think is it is still more of this PG rubbish when they don’t want a man seen to be to badly hurt, so they ring the bell.

Winner by BS…Sorry as the opponent unable to continue Alberto Del Rio

One of the things that made me laugh with this was how Big Show hobbled to the back it looked like he was using the trainers as crutches, the way the size difference was.

After more rubbish from the completely incomprehensible R-Truth we get Wade Barrett taking the mic from Josh Matthews and comes out to the ring and he has a go at Americans saying they need a Queen or a King and in 20 years they’ll all be speaking Chinese. This was good stuff from Wade and I like this side to him, I just wish they would acknowledge where he was from properly, he is from Preston not Manchester, do some simple geography, just because you don’t know where it is doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be billed from there.

Anyway we have Wade Barrett Vs Ezekiel Jackson for the Intercontinental Championship

As the match starts the crowd as chanting USA USA, now at this point on Twitter Jim Ross noted that Jackson wasn’t from the US either so I did a little search and found he was from Guyana. But hey lets not let the facts get in the way of Americans not understanding there are places outside of their own boarders.

This was a typical big man match and didn’t do much else. When you have 2 big men like this it is hard to do much and as much as I am a Wade Barrett fan he is not over enough to help carry a guy who WWE want to push because he is just big. Wade can go in the ring but Jackson is limited in my opinion. Indeed the end came after a few body slams and a Torture Rack, wow high intensity ‘Zeke.

Winner and New Intercontinental Champion Ezekiel Jackson

You could tell the crowd wanted something else from this match as they were chanting for Zack Ryder during it (there is no point in chanting for what you want guys Vince won’t listen he knows what we want to see).

Up next is a match that has the potential to have been match of the night in CM Punk Vs Rey Mysterio it was nice to see some decent in ring action again with 2 guys who have been on top of the world. You know what you’re going to get with these guys, Rey will do all the high spots and get the crowd involved and Punk is just solid and tells a proper story in the ring.

It was a nice finish as Punk blocked a 619 after Rey had previously blocked a GTS. As Punk did block the 619 he got Rey on his shoulders and did hit the GTS.

Winner: CM Punk

I wonder if now Punk can get back in the mix for the WWE Championship?

It was then time for the World Heavyweight Championship Match Randy Orton Vs Christian

I had high hopes for this but again it was spoilt by bad refereeing and announcing at the end of the match. Orton didn’t look himself during this match and I like Orton, but I also think it was a poor move to take the belt off Christian only a couple of days after winning it, he could have been a big draw as a face champ and made loads of money but hey Vince knows best.

However I have to say there was some nice action in this match and I suppose it did tell a bit of a story which is what you want. But we must address the finish. Orton went for an RKO but Christian blocked it, he then hit a big spear on Orton but only got a 2. As Christian tried to come off the top rope Orton got out of the way, and as has become custom he hit the RKO from nowhere. Now as Christian fell his leg was under the rope, even before he moved it at 2, the ref again was looking at it. I could understand the ref not seeing if he was out of position but he was right there looking at it.

Winner still World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton

So tonight we have had 3 shockingly bad ref decisions and I am sure they have all been booking decisions but it treats the fans like idiots and is so unnecessary. By this point I could see why I hadn’t bothered with WWE for a while. Slammiversary and you can find my report here was a much stronger PPV and iMPACT Wrestling has been far more entertaining.

We go to a promo for the Main Event (I say main event but it has R-Truth in it so take it with a pinch of salt) so you think it is up next, however I am sure you can almost hear Vince scream “fill fill fill, we are going to be short of time. I know I have an idea” and we get a “Special Bonus Attraction” Even Bourne Vs Jack Swagger.

Wow that has got my juices flowing. No offence to the 2 competitors but I think Even Bourne is a poor AJ Styles and Swagger has never been top of my list of guys I want to see in WWE. Bourne managed to win but it wasn’t even with his AirBourne move which he landed on his feet as Swagger moved out of the way. No he won with a crappy roll up. I can see women’s matches ending like that but not a match that had been bumped from probably a Dark Match to the 2nd highest match on the card.

Winner: Even Bourne

Before we continue we have the “President” out to give us an address. I won’t go into it just that he said he wasn’t the Anonymous GM and I agree with him that JR should be on commentary more. After this Booker T got in the ring and told the “President” to join him in the ring and we got him doing a Spinaroony after Booker, wonderful thanks for that Vince, that is what I watch wrestling for…Sorry I said the W word whilst writing a WWE report.

Now it really was Main Event time (I am still using the words Main Event loosely) for the WWE Championship John Cena Vs R-Truth stop laughing little Jimmy at the back yes I said R-Truth in the main event.

So now we get into it and Truth who just doesn’t inspire me at all had a lot of offence in this match. Now we know there is a lot of Cena haters on the internet but I give the guy credit, a lot of the time he can carry opponents to a decent match, however here I just didn’t enjoy it, probably because of who he was against. Once again for the finish we had a questionable decision when a little “Jimmy” at ringside who R-Truth went to talk at. I think the poor kid had no idea what he was saying and though he was asked to cool down, so he threw his drink over him. Is that not a DQ and although R-Truth wouldn’t win the title, the ref was watching? So Truth should have won by DQ by this point (I didn’t want him too but fair is fair) Cena then threw Truth back into the ring hit the AA for the win.

Winner and still WWE Champion John Cena

So Cena struggles in this match and a quick drink in the face and he hulks up and wins. We are getting Cena pushed like an old style Hulk Hogan. I am not to fond of this and I think the public will get sick of it very easily and we could have this till Mania next year. Cena needs better opponents to make him look stronger not people like Truth who is a midcarder at best. I wish Vince would listen to the people a bit more and stop burying his head in the sand.

This was one of the worst PPV’s I have seen in a long time and doesn’t make me want to watch WWE programming, I may watch this thing on Monday where the fans are supposed to be in control, but it will just be them wasting money texting when the show is already written. Also I bet fans in the UK can’t watch they forget about us with these things. As for the UK viewers am I on my own in thinking it would be good to have a British commentary team maybe William (don’t call me Steve live on air Booker) Regal and possibly Roddy Piper and a British lead announcer? Just throwing it out there.

Anyway thanks for reading and I’ll catch you again tomorrow with the weekly iMPACT Wrestling report only on you never know I may throw in a Monday Night Raw one on here too over the next couple of days.

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After being away on holiday for a week, all reviews will commence here from Monday’s Raw, I maybe a little slow in getting them up but I will do it.

Only difference is all TNA (Impact Wrestling – am still confused) programming will be exclusive to as going forward I will be officially reviewing Impact Wrestling for them.

I would like to thank Ray for giving me the opportunity and hope you will all continue to follow me on the site.

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