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A Whirlwind Couple of Weeks

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So I’ve been going to sit down and write this post for a few days now but haven’t really felt how I could do it justice. Emotions for the past 2 and a half to 3 weeks have been very up and down. I think I have finally come back down to earth enough to put it all into words.


Let’s go back a bit then. As you all know I have been training for the RDA NW Regional Show on Scooby who we got on full loan last August. He was and is doing brilliantly scoring an impressive 65% in our last Dressage Anywhere test. Unfortunately 9 days before the show he was dribbling a bit from his penis. Moira my coach said we should get the vet out to take a look and to rule anything nasty out which we did. Our vet came out straight away and said it wasn’t anything to worry about but probably an infection of the urethra and to give him a shot of antibiotics to clear it up. This is what we did, and by Monday he seemed fine with no more dribbles.


This was only part of the story. When it came time to ride he just wasn’t himself not wanting to bend to the right and doing some lovely moves but not ones that are in my test. This was very unlike Scooby, he is alway a horse who wants to please and really does try his hardest. We noticed he had a little swelling around the area of the injection and put it down to that. One of the girls on the yard said she would ride him for me on Tuesday, he still wasn’t right and we decided to ask Moira to check on him on Wednesday before any decision was made. On Tuesday I also rode Dreamer for the 1st time. Only for 15 minutes or so and did a quick run through of the test and was amazed how it felt. We spoke and we decided if the worst came to the worst then D would be an option provided it was ok’d by the RDA. Then Wednesday came and Moira got on Scooby and within 5 minutes it was decided that it would be unfair on Scooby to enter him. He is a better horse than he was showing. We also didn’t want him to be in any pain it wasn’t fair, he has been so good to me I didn’t want to put him through anything unnecessary. So we took the hard decision to withdraw him and go through the process of asking if we could make a substitution. Scooby has gone into the field for a rest and recuperation to be ready to go for either local intro classes or when the Dressage Anywhere starts again in August.


So with urgency we contacted RDA and thankfully they allowed me to use Dreamer provided he passed assessment on the Sunday morning, all “independent” riders, that is those linked to an RDA group but use their own horse have to have them assessed for suitability. We decided we would practice and just hope for the best, we didn’t think there would be a problem but you never know.


So I rode Dreamer on Wednesday, Thursday which was meant to be a rest day and on Friday which was the longest ride of a whopping 49 minutes. So in total we rode for 4 days and about 2 hours in total. Not the best preparation but Dreamer was a steady stable horse and although he has a few little niggles but with only 4 days of practice I was happy overall.


We set off from the yard bright and early on Sunday morning and arrived at Burrows Lane Farm in St Helens just about 9.30. Dreamer was assessed and passed and we were ready to compete. We did a bit of warm up and he did well, it was then time to go down to the arena for the dressage test. The time from arriving to that point passed in the blink of an eye. Moira walked round the arena with me in both directions as D had never seen anything like that ever. He was as cool as a cucumber. I entered at A and well the test went as well, sorry that’s wrong it went better than I could’ve hoped for. Other than a bit of a dodgy halt at X half way through which was expected. He was always going to struggle, he didn’t like stopping at that point and there was a really busy road in front of him. I just tried twice and then when he wasn’t going to do it I moved on. That was his only downside, and he made up for it with a beautiful halt at the end scoring a 7.5. I was so proud of him. I also looked up to the sky on my way out knowing that my mum and all my grandparents helped me get through that test.


We then waited for the presentation and scores to come in. It was a nervous wait of around half an hour. When it came in I was amazed and thrilled beyond words. A 2nd place and a score of 64.41% above the qualification mark for the National Championships. I honestly wasn’t expecting miracles but I got one. Having moved up to official Grade 3 classification the test was much harder than the walk only last year and included walk and trot elements. To get on a horse with 4 days notice and get that score was something I didn’t think was possible. It shows that I’m starting to become a horseman. With all the training and coaching it is possible to substitute onto a different horse and still be competitive.


After some lunch it was time for my 1st countryside challenge test, well lets just say that didn’t go so well. Dreamer having not seen anything like it spooked at anything and everything, from the post boxes at the 1st obstacle to the gate at the very end. In fact we didn’t get through the gate he wouldn’t go near it so I got a big fat 0 for that one, I was proud of that lol. Seriously it didn’t matter we tried and although we came 3rd in the class with a score of only 53% it didn’t matter. My marks for riding were 25/30 so again shows I can handle a horse which has to be a positive. D hadn’t seen anything like this course so I’m not surprised he didn’t like the scary flowers or the fake bridge that a troll might jump out from and not to mention those pesky postboxes. I won’t make a countryside postman that’s for sure.


So now finally back down to earth planning starts for the National Championships down at Hartpury Equine College again on the 13-15th July 2018. A brilliant weekend of competition and fun and friendship. But as ever I need your help to get there. The biggest thing I need is transport. Either a 3.5tn automatic horse-box or 3.5tn manual that I can get someone to drive, as I say auto would be best as then I can be self-sufficient. Entry costs, stabling and accommodation all add up and without your help it’s just not possible.  If you would like to sponsor you can get in touch via my Facebook page or you can donate directly at


Thank you for all the support on this mad journey. Especially the following. Helen, Clayton, Nat, Moira, Eva, Alwood Donkeys, Irvings Law, Wendy, My Yard Family, My real family, Foresters Horn RDA Group and anyone else I may have forgotten, it’s not intentional I just have an awful memory, I blame the medication lol.


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And in joint forth place…

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Five simple words, that’s all they are but to me it is a sign of an achievement that will live with me forever, a fourth place at The Riding for the Disabled (RDA) National Championships. First time competing at a National event and I won a rosette.

Why? Its simple I like to win things and this is me going in the right direction. After just 8 months of real training on 3 or 4 different horses and just 10 weeks to get a real partnership with my current horse Beauty well it was out of this world. I also bagged ninth in my main class scoring the same percentage and overall score as 8th place, only being separated by our collective marks. But hey I’m still in the top 10 of my country.

This blog is really about the weekend and the week leading up to the Championship. It started early on Monday 10th July, as I had to travel down to Chippenham in Wiltshire to pick up a van from Bathwick Car and Van Hire, because it was the closest place I could get a 3.5tn automatic horse box from. My sponsors Irvings Law of Liverpool had kindly agreed to pay for the whole weekend at a massive cost so I must say a big thank you to them.

I travelled by car, train and bus over 200 miles to get the van and then the same distance back driving the vehicle. I had never driven a van before. It was brilliant so much fun to do. I arrived home just after 9pm. The Tuesday was my son’s birthday so no training then and as it was the weather was rubbish.

I had my final training session with my coach Moira on Wednesday where we practiced both tests and they went so well it was unreal. Thursday was travel day. It took over 4 hours to get to Hartpury Equine College the beautiful home of the Championships. Beauty was treated to a lovely stable and we sorted her for the evening before meeting up with our friends from the Pendle RDA Group who we parked our van next to for the weekend. Lots of laughs have been had I can tell you, most not for public consumption.

As I wasn’t competing till the Sunday I spent Friday and Saturday watching and meeting friends I’d made over social media and just relaxing.

Well I say relaxing if you call getting your horse out of the stable when your coach arrives and realise she’s like a coiled spring that you may not make it into the arena on Sunday. Beauty had to be walked and walked lots and then ridden both evenings and between them Moira and Helen did the walking as always, I just sat on the horse.

Even though I was competing at 9.56 on the Sunday, Saturday night was still party night and superhero fancy dress was the theme. We had to go and aimed to be back in the room by 10pm. Well 11pm was ok, wasn’t it?

Sunday morning was a mad rush, Helen was out and feeding Beauty by 6.30 before I woke and tried to wake Clayton, but an 8-year-old who had been out partying the night before was not for waking. Thankfully Helen came back for us to go to breakfast and she sorted him.

I’d like to talk about Helen here if I may. We have been married 17 ½ years. Like every couple, we’ve had good times and bad times but we are together. She took me on when I was more able than I am now, and now she is my carer as well as my wife, she is a mum and now head groom. I don’t know how many caps she wants but I hope it’s not many more as I don’t think she can split herself much more lol. She has been so good, without her none of this silly dream of mine would be possible so I want to really thank her for that and tell her it means more than she will ever know.

I mounted Beauty at 9.30 just outside the collecting ring and although a little jumpy she was better than she had been. Then as we went into the collecting ring she switched on, it was like a light went on and she was like “oh I remember doing all this”. Having walked round for what seemed like a life time we got our call to enter the huge outdoor arena. I went and spoke to the judge who was situated in one of the type of sheds you see at big dressage competitions around the world. As we walked down the side of arena 8 the bell sounded to start the test. Beauty rose to the occasion and hit the centre line like a pro. I felt the test went well and the pace was good. Could it have gone better of course it could but very few get it completely right.

It all seemed to be over in a flash and even with the fly’s driving her mad Beauty behaved so well. I must admit I was riding round thinking “we forgot the damn fly spray” lol. But we managed. It was so nice to be greeted at the gate of the stables by Helen and Clayton who proudly led Beauty in for a little rest before part 2 of the day.

I want to add at this point the 16th July is always an emotional day for me. It is my mum’s birthday and the last day I ever spoke to her or heard her voice. So, to do this massive competition on her birthday was so so special. I know she was looking down with a massive smile and as I left the arena at A I pointed to the sky to say thank you and I love you.

The 2-hour gap between tests flew by and before I knew it I was back on the horse again, still not having a full result for the 1st class and was now heading down to the holding area beneath the big indoor International Arena. I was 1st in there as I was the 2nd to compete. I had another good warm up and kept Beauty nice and calm. At 12.38 it was our time to go out there and do it. As I was walking round the outside of the arena to speak to the judge I said to my coach Moira “well if Charlotte Dujardin can compete in this arena so can I” that settled the nerves because this was a big arena that had proper stands that people were watching from. Again, I spoke to the judge and walked round to A to start the test. I had called the test MerseyPride as I choreographed it to Z Cars (Everton), Rockford Files (Tranmere) and You’ll Never Walk Alone (Liverpool) the 3 pieces of music the teams run out to. Again, the test went well. Other than our almost none halt at the start, but I put that down to nerves on Beauty’s part but not to be helped. In dressage, I find if something goes wrong forget about it you can pic marks up in other places and we did. A score of 66% in that test was only 2.5 points behind 3rd and 3 points of 2nd so a good halt and who knows but we got some really nice comments on the test and to pick up a 4th in my 1st ever freestyle test I was so pleased. I mean I just wanted not to finish last in either class.

So, it took quite a while for the results to be finalised as Class 67 which was the main walk test had 26 riders overall Junior and Senior. I placed 9th in Senior with a score of 67.35% same as 8th place but they had better collective marks. Right in the middle part of the group. I was so happy it wasn’t a rosette but a top 10 finish which I thought was all I could hope for. But the day got better when I said above I got a 4th for my freestyle. 8 months into my Para Dressage Career and I’m picking up a rosette for competing in National Championship inside an International Arena.

I am a big dreamer I know that and it is hard to keep my feet on the ground and not get too carried away. But I’m also a realist and know my path to Tokyo 2020 is going to be very hard if not impossible, however until it is completely ruled out I won’t stop trying.

So, what’s next for me, well I am now in the process of going for RDA classification which will determine which of the 5 categories I will compete at. 1-2 are walk only which is unlikely for me 3 is walk, trot and 4 and 5 are both walk, trot, canter. We think I will be grade 3 or 4 but 2nd guessing won’t help and I just must now wait till I can see either 1 or 2 physios’ who will put me through my paces and decide what I can and more importantly in classification can’t do.

After that then it’s onto British Dressage Para Intro Bronze level. I need to again start getting scores and getting noticed and attending BD Para Dressage training days in order to compete for initially the North West but then hopefully GB and again hopefully Paralympics GB. This is a long road but one I have now started on and I want to see it through. I hope you follow my journey and support me in any way you can. If you would like to donate to enable me to compete in various competitions going forward you can find my GoFundMe page HERE.

Before I go I would again like to thank each and every single person who has helped me so far in any small way. The rosette I came away with on Sunday was for everyone. I am just the person who sits on the horse, everyone around me in my opinion has harder jobs.

Can we make it all the way to the Paralympics, I believe I can and that’s the full-on aim, keep an eye out as this ride could get interesting?


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