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#247ParaDressage Twitter Takeover

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So this coming month (August) I have been helping to organise a Twitter Takeover for Para Dressage riders to give them a voice to be heard in a wider circle than they normally would. This will be done through @247Dressage on twitter with the #247ParaDressage in use for the whole month.

This is the idea from Caroline who runs @StyleReins magazine and also the @247Dressage twitter. She asked if I could help in drumming up support and people to be involved in the takeover. The reason she said although as a small business she can’t help riders in monetary terms she can help give them a voice through twitter and her magazine via its reach.

So what does this mean for me as a rider, well it gives me an increased audience to tell my story and who I am and what I need. This is massively important as sponsorship at the lower level is so hard to come by, and if like me you want to get to the top you need support. Luckily so far I have had this through small sponsorships from both individuals and companies but more is needed to enable me to reach my goal.

This is the same for many of the other riders who will be taking part in this takeover this month most like me have just competed at the RDA National Championships which is the largest gathering of para equestrian athletes in the world. This takeover will help many go on to the next level through attracting support from their local areas or even on a national level for those who are hoping to go on to compete for GB in the future.

Riding Para Dressage indeed any Para discipline is hard and cost for many can be really difficult to bear especially if you don’t come from a riding area like myself or you have extra costs because of your disability. For someone who wants to compete on the basic National BD Para Intro circuit it could easily cost upwards of over £20k if you have to hire a horse-box if you don’t have your own, which I don’t as I need an automatic 3.5tn box.

The people running the twitter over the next month will tell you their story, what they go through on a daily basis in order to be able to ride and what they need to reach their goals.

If you can help anyone in any way please contact either myself on @OneLegRider or @247Dressage who will put you onto the right person, each tweet will say who its off either in the main tweet or in the reply. Their will be much to learn we hope about ParaDressage and why we each do it, we hope you enjoy the month.



Written by pegleg5125

31/07/2017 at 10:31 am

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