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EWR APW PPV November Gym Wars

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So I started off my new EWR game. I am a small promotion called APW who have no TV and just monthly PPV’s. The game started in November 2013. I managed to sign some notable WWE releases including AJ Lee, The Bella’s and also El Generico (Sammi Zayne) who wasn’t released by WWE as wasn’t contracted to them at the time this game came out. I also signed Curtis Axel, however after 1 gig he is back in the “E” and as you’ll see I’m not too happy lol. Anyway onto the PPV itself I have done plenty of screen shots so you can all see.


Here we go then. Here is the the card.


The show started with a dark match. Kid Omega Vs Tito Aquino




Now in the post report for this I have seen these 2 didn’t work too well together so probably won’t pair them again.


The full show started with The Bella’s attacking Cheerleader Melissa.




This helped set up the Womens Title match later in the evening when Ayako Hamada was added to the mix.


In a 1 on 1 bout El Millonario Vs Manu Anoai again I thought these 2 would put on a good match for the fans.Image


It looks like the crowed were into this match which was good and helped move the PPV forward.


We than had Hamada come out and talk about Brie Bella to set up the 4 way for the title.




I then hyped the main even of Austin Aries Vs El Generico for the AWP Universal Heavyweight Title (this is the title I’m chosing as my main title).




It was then time for our 4 Way for the Womens Title The Bella’s Vs Cheerleader Melissa Vs Hamada.





I decided to go with Brie winning as she is the one who is doing the most in WWE atm and think she will be a good heel for my company.


The APW Worldwide Internet Title was up next (secondary title) pitting Curtis Axel Vs Balls Mahoney.




So I have Axel win only for him to sign a new deal back at WWE the next day and the Title is vacant again. Who will face Balls at the next PPV as he has an automatic clause as he lost to Axel who has since left.


We now have a Tag Team Title match which I have since realised I’ve made a mistake with who I put in one of the teams, I will however find a way round this in the next PPV. The only champions in the company were Border Patrol.





So Gangrel and Steele are the new Champions.


Its now Main Event time for the APW Universal Heavyweight Championship in an Iron Man Match.





So El Generico is left floored after the end of the PPV after winning the belt, what will happen when we next go on PPV in December. I will post this when I get it done over next few days.


This is the rating of the PPV




Many thanks for reading, if you think we should try and sign anyone please make suggestions and I will do my best to sign them.


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