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Home! Tired but so energisded too

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So after a long week I’m back home and have already enjoyed the fruits of my labour by enjoying some fun time in the sun outside with Clayton when I got home. This 5 days ago would of been unheard of. 


The change I have seen in myself is massive, even better is Helen has seen a change when I arrived home. I’m smiling and laughing which can only be a good thing. I also can see how the mindfulness will work when Clayton did have a little strop, I didn’t let it affect me and go straight to raging I stopped and talked calmly only when the strop continued into throwing something did I have to raise my voice but I did it in a calm fashion not just pure anger, again good. I was only shouting at him for being naughty not for me getting angry due to the pain effecting me. I also came home and sat on a chair at the table not getting onto the bed to rest my back, again that would be the easy option, not necessary the right one.


The hard part comes over the next 3 days while I’m at home, I have to maintain the work I have done, not lapse back into the easy route. The plan for tomorrow is still get up for around 7.30 and to take Clayton to school before I have an appointment in Liverpool. My plan there is to walk a bit too again something I haven’t been able to do too much.


Thanks all for reading I hope my journy through this pain management course is interesting to you as its helpful for me to write it down.


Should I get chance I’ll write about how I get on over the weekend and maintaining what I have done so far, if I don’t I’ll write more about the coming week on Sunday when I get back to the hotel.


Written by pegleg5125

11/07/2013 at 7:06 pm

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