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Day 3 PMP I can see change

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Something I never expected after just 3 days of the Pain Management Course was to see a difference, be that difference in how I perceived the course or difference in me.

However I can, not huge but definite change. For instance I have a smile back, not a fake “yeah am ok smile” which I have had for a while (sorry) but a proper happy smile. I have been laughing with friends I’ve made generally having a good time. I am also progressing in understanding the pain not just normal acute pain but chronic pain that doesn’t ever fully go away no matter how many tablets you take. This is a big process, understanding the pain is the start of dealing with it. I guess that’s like any kind of psychological or neuro problem 1st step is admitting the problem. I have also started to understand the cycle of pain and how to go about changing that, pain can depress you, depression can tense you up causing pain. That’s the simplest way I can explain it, pain and causes of pain and then the anxiety that come with the pain is a vicious circle. That’s why sometimes I say no to things I would like to do because I’m scared of the consequences that may happen because of it. This is a cycle that is hard to break but one I am going to try, I can already see small steps towards that.

That is kind of the point, small steps, go to far too fast and it ruins everything but slowly slowly works. I was worried about our gym sessions but I’ve loved them and can already see a change their, my Buddha belly has reduced, again not lots but enough to give me confidence to keep on. The exercises have made me fitter already which in turn gives me energy.

As for the Mindfulness, well yeah I’m still giving it a go, some techniques are better than others some really work and I’d be happy to explain them to anyone who asks. Primerally its about putting you in the here and now, what can you control now, not worry about the future or the past but right now. It also helps you relax and not get to the “Angry Daddy” stage which is what Clayton has said he doesn’t like. To hear your 4-year-old say that is horrible, I don’t want to be that person, I want to be “Fun Daddy” now I know I may never be the most mobile and physical dads anymore but I want to be the best I can be. That was the biggest motivation for me coming on this course.

The big thing for me now as I come to the last day of the week tomorrow is to maintain, continue doing the right things over the weekend, indeed if as it turns out their maybe changes in plans then don’t be scared, tackle them in a positive way but also don’t over do it. Planning is essential, make sure I rest but also make sure I exercise and be fit for what I need to do. Use the scooter if I need but don’t rely on it, walk a bit too if I can.

All this will take time but I fully plan to get there, still maybe a bumpy road with pain flare ups ahead but the aim is not to let these dominate me as they have before and certainly no more “Boom and Bust” for me. Slow and steady Craigy boy slow and steady.


Written by pegleg5125

10/07/2013 at 5:37 pm

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