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Last week I attended the Johnston’s Paint Trophy 2nd Round match Accrington Stanley Vs Tranmere Rovers. Now the game as many of you will know ended after officially 38 mins of play when young Accy defender Tom Bender suffered a serious injury during a collision with his own goalkeeper. Whilst the player was reviving treatment on the pitch the Tranmere fans waited patiently and showed great compassion and sportsmanship while the player was being treated.


Thankfully by the Wednesday morning Bender had recovered significantly and scans had reviled nothing more than severe concussion.


Before Tranmere fans left the Crown Ground last Tuesday evening 4/10/11 many Rovers fans were assured they would be looked after and suitable arrangements would be made for the rearranged game. We of course all left in the knowledge that we would be looked after and our thoughts were only with Tom Bender. On Thursday it was announced that the game had been rearranged for Wednesday night and that there would be a charge of £2 for adults with Under 16’s in free. PARDON did I read that right I have to pay again as well as my travel after only seeing 38 mins of the game and then waiting round for over 1/2 an hour. Now while I appreciate the seriousness of the injury, Tranmere did not have to agree to abandon the game, indeed I saw players (Accrington ones) coming back out of the dressing room to restart before the announcement was made that the game had been called off.


Now some may say it’s only £2 and indeed even in today’s times that isn’t a lot of money but it’s more the principal of the matter. I know Stanley are a club of “great tradition” so were told time and time again, but they are also a business that appears to be running at a loss. How do we know this because low and behold on Monday they announced on their official website that they were cutting some staff.


It now becomes apparent that once again the football fan is being made to foot the bill for a club living outside it’s means. By charging £2 in again they have the chance to swell the gate with people deciding to go because well “it’s only £2”! Thus they make an extra few bob on the gate to help this club of “great tradition”.


If Bender had suffered a career ending injury or worse would the club have still charged to get in? Of course they wouldn’t they would have had a collection and donation for some kind of fund, people would have been more than willing to dig deep then. Why could they not have said it’s free entry for all but please put in a donation to help with running costs. I would imagine they would have again made more money than they have by asking for the £2 entry. As I say it’s not the cost it’s the principal.


Tranmere need not think they are getting away scot free here, they have the audacity to charge £10.50 for the coach again. Could the club have not come to some arrangement getting the fans there free or at some kind of reduced cost? A few people contacted Tranmere over this whole issue but were told the matter was out of their hands and it was down to Accrington.


So once again us the ordinary football fan pays the price and we have to put our hands in our pockets again to go support the team’s we love. Everytime we take it because it’s what we do. One day we will realise and stop paying it or will we, probably not which is why these owners of clubs keep getting away with making fans pay for things while clubs continue to live outside their means.


Written by pegleg5125

12/10/2011 at 2:28 pm

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