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WWE Monday Night Raw 10/10/11 as it happend

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Tonight will be the first time I’ll be posting a report as Monday Night Raw SuperShow takes place. Tonight may prove to be a massive show with the fallout set to continue from last weeks big walkout. Join me here and keep refreshing the page as the show goes on air live from 2AM.

2.00 The show starts with a recap of last weeks events and everyone walking out. As cameras go live to the arena we get shots of the fans and an empty announce table and no pyro. Backstage we see HHH headed to the ring.

2.03 “Time to Play The Game” hits and HHH is making his way out.

2.05 HHH talks to the fans and tells them about the superstars who are outside and refuse to come in while he is in charge. He asks should he quit, the fans say a big no. Hunter refuses to quit and would even wrestle a broom for 2 hours as tonight he will give the fans Monday Night Raw.

2.10 Cena’s music hits and he comes out to the ring.

2.12 Cena tells us that he’s staying, he says he has worked for some bosses and lists a few inc the anonymous  Raw GM. He says he’s staying because he’s loyal.

2.13 Sheamus music hits now and he’s out to the ring.

2.15 Sheamus talks about how he fought HHH in the past and how he came thousands of miles to be part of Monday Night Raw and “he’s staying”

2.16 “Cult of Personality” and CM Punk comes out. He says he’s the guy who made walking out cool. He says some funny stuff about Nash. He tells us this isn’t ballet this is professional wrestling. He says that even though HHH thinks he’s the last guy he expected to be here but here he is. HHH says tonight he’ll make a match John Cena Vs Sheamus  with HHH as ref and CM Punk on commentary hell this could be fun.

2.21 Sheamus Vs Cena is underway with Punk on commentary wearing HHH’s blazer. We cut to a break as Punk ask’s who’s going to win. Indeed what’s going to happen?

2.25 We’re back with Punk on comms and calling the match. Holly hell it’s Vince!!!

2.27 Vince asks for the ring and he says he likes what has happened but has met with the board of directors. As a result of the walkout they are worried things may get out of control and their might be a financial meltdown. He tells HHH that the board have said his services of running Monday Night Raw are no longer required. They have appointed an interim GM until they can find a suitable replacement and they’ve appointed EVP John Laurinaitis. He stands on the stage as we go to a break.

2.35 Laurinaitis is in the back welcoming back talent Morrison tells him he sucks and in turn gets told to go out to the ring as he is and he’ll pick his opponent. He asks Christian to do it and he agrees. Boomer Sooner hits as we go back to the ring and JR makes his way out as does King and Cole who claims he started the revolution of change.

2.40 Morrison comes out and is followed by Christian who is accompanied by Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger. It’s nothing short of a squash as Morrison gets all 4 mens finishes. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him pink slipped soon.

2.46 Back from the break and Laurinaitis is in his office talking to HHH. He apologises and says he didn’t want the job. HHH asks him has he ever tried to pick up his teeth with broken fingers?

2.48 In the ring Mark Henrey says it’s taken him 15 years to get where he is and will fight anyone as long as they’re number 1 contender. We see a recap of Smackdown from Friday

2.51 Henry tells us at Vengeance “Vengeance is mine” only to be told by his opponent tonight Randy Orton “Vengeance is mine”

2.57 Back from the break and match is under way and Orton in control. But Henry soon regains. Only for Orton to get back into it only for Rhodes to distract him but Orton deals with him and hits a RKO but Rhodes pulls him out at 2 for the DQ . Orton takes Rhodes down only to get hit with 2 Worlds Strongest Slams from Henry. Rhodes then hits the CrossRhodes and calls for one of his bags and mocks him as Orton lays there.

3.10 Slam of the week showing Kelly Kelly taking out Beth Pheonix. Kelly is tonight teaming with Eve Vs Rosa and Tamina.

3.13 Eve wins the match with a nice moonsault on Tamina  as Laurinaitis comes down to the ring and tells us he has a job to do. He tells us that at Vengence Alberto Del Rio will face John Cena.

He now invites JR into the ring. He calls JR an “ingrate” and then tells him “You’re Fired” so once again JR humiliated in his home town, but seems like they’re running with the Mr Future Endeavours thing.

3.22 We are back and we have a 6 man tag, 1st out is Mason Ryan and his team mates are Air Boom their oponants are Swagger, Ziggler and David Otunga accompnied by Vicky Guerrero.

3.29 Mason Ryan (from North Wales not Cardiff if people bothered to learn geography in the US) took the match to Swagger. Otunga got the tag in for his team and wore down Kofi. Looks like Otunga has somehow ended up in Guerrero’s stable.

3.32 Ryan hit a massive swinging Bossman Slam type move for the win on Ziggler. After the match it looked like Evan Bourne was hurt as ref was checking on him.

3.38 We get another promo for Brodus Clay looks like he’s heading for a big push. Now a a trailer for John Cena’s new film The Reunion, honest opinion looks cack sorry.

3.41 Back in the ring and Ricardo Rodriguez introduces us to ADR who will be taking on CM Punk tonight. As we head to another break. Damn Americans and their short attention spans and they wonder why they loose viewers between segmants, it’s people flicking to get away from bloody adverts.

3.47 and the best theme music “Cult of Personality” hits and CM Punk makes his way out to the ring. Can he not commentate on his own match he was really good. A massive Punk chant starts around the arena. Punk gets the better of ADR early. On comms King and Lawler argue about JR being fired and how he is the only one who got fired after last weeks walkout.

3.51 and ADR has got a chin lock on Punk which punk gets out of and forces a 2 count.

3.52 and Laurinaitis comes out and stops the match and now makes it a tag match with Punk and ADR Vs Miz and R Truth who have been rehired. Truth raps down to the ring as we go to the break. Raw has been tonight and is becoming really watchable the direction is really interesting and makes me want to turn on week in week out again.

3.57 as we head to the overun we have a tag match of Awesome Truth Vs ADR and CM Punk, I wonder if this is the face turn for ADR heading into Mexico?

4.01 Awesome Truth working well as a team whereas Punk and ADR are not exactly working well as Del Rio tags into Punk and then heads up the ramp saying he’s injured his knee. It looks like we have a 2-1 match now for Punk.

4.03 and Punk is virtually in the 3 type of match inside 15 mins after starting 1 Vs 1 then 2 Vs 2 now 1 Vs 2.

4.05 Punk goes up to and hits his top rope tribute to Randy Savage.

4.06 As Awesome Truth get DQ’d for double teaming HHH hits the ring and he and Punk clear house as Miz and Truth get out of dodge. In the back Laurinaitis is talking to Otunga and says he’s making it HHH and Punk Vs Awesome Truth for Vengence.


Final thoughts on tonights show this was a really well put together show, started strong and never lost it’s energy all night. The limited use of Cena will be good for some people but what the 4 men at the top of the show did deserves a lot of credit.


Using Laurinaitis and JR’s history for him to “fire” JR in his home town is good and continues the Mr Future Endeavours character they are building for him. I expect other either storyline or in reality to follow, John Morrison being one and am not sure if it will be for real or not. He has been on a tightrope since Melina was fired.


The ending was nicely done too, smoothly moving Punk onto another feud and adding HHH into the mix is a nice touch. I like were the whole WWE is going and seems to be playing a long ball game with this whole thing and I for one can’t wait to watch.


Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll join me for more and keep reading the blog over the next few weeks as I bring you more wrestling and more sport right here. As always comments welcome and I’m on Twitter too catch you soon.



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