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Strange things happening at Newcastle

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Well what a day it’s been at Newcastle Utd Football Club. Once again Mike Ashley has unsurprisingly decided that even after telling Joey Barton last season that he wouldn’t be renewing his contract next year, today he has decided to release him on a free transfer.

Now we all know the problems Barton has had off the field but on it he was Newcastle’s player of the season last year. This year Newcastle have lost Andy Carroll, Kevin Nolan and now Joey Barton. What must the rest of the squad and even Alan Pardew be thinking?

It seems that Pardew has no say now on policy of players who can leave. How can a manager put up with that? Mike Ashley must now have lost all respect of any fans of Newcastle (that he may have had left) and you wonder how the rest of the players must be feeling.

Newcastle as a club seems to me to be in a complete mess it is a rudderless ship with a manager who can’t manage because an owner wants to do what he wants regardless of the consequences to anyone else. In all this the only people that really suffer are the fans.

Now as I have said it is the fans who suffer, so is it not time that they stand up to the current owner? This man seems to have pocketed £35m from the Carroll deal and not invested it back in the club. How can this be?

Am sure this will rumble on and it will be interesting to see where this goes. Ashley will undoubtedly keep doing what he is doing and would it be wrong to think that a delegation dog fight could be on the cards.

Where will Joey Barton go from here? Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham and maybe even Everton are crying out for a player like Barton. I am sure that he will have no problems finding a club and Barton on a Free Transfer has to be fantastic piece of business for any manager. This will go on and on of that I am in no doubt, but that’s my take what is yours why not leave your comments bellow and tell me.



Written by pegleg5125

01/08/2011 at 7:42 pm

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