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200 up for Jenson

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Well what a great afternoon of watching F1. This season has been one of the better ones in recent memory. Probably because of the new regulations namely the DRS which is fantastic improvement encouraging overtaking sometimes being passed and then getting the opportunity to re-pass.

Today with the rain at the start you thought it played into the hands of Jenson as of late he has taken the mantel of “The Rain Man”, a title held for a long time by Michael Schumacher. His decision or his hand being forced which ever way you look at it to stay out on the “Prime” hard compound tyres when half of the field including Lewis Hamilton went in back on to the Intermediate tyres. Lewis went through the pits six in all including a Drive Through for forcing Force India’s Paul Di Resta off the track in what seemed to me a very dangerous turn on track. However after the race in what has become common place for Lewis this year he tried to defend himself.

So as many dived into the pits Jenson decided to stay out and run for the rest of the race on Hard tyres hoping that they would last around 25 laps and give him the victory, which of course they did. It was an immense drive from the McLaren man who remained calm when others like eventual 3rd place man Fernando Alonso went off the track several times throughout the afternoon.

With F1 now taking a 3 week “Summer Break” where they have to completely shut down for 2 weeks so mechanics get such a well earned rest. They will resume on the weekend of the 27-29th August in Belgium at Spa, which you have to feel with the unpredictable weather there it could again fall into the lap of Mr Button, who said over the radio at the end of the race “lets come back and win them all”. It would take a massive effort to do that, but you wouldn’t bet against him now becoming the number 1 at McLaren and even mounting a challenge to Sebastian Vetal.

I do have to pick up on one subject from today and that is some of the commentary. Martin Brundle at times sounded disinterested and like he wasn’t listening to what others were talking about. Meanwhile David Coulthard annoys me so much, he is far too close to Red Bull Racing, I know he is still some kind of consultant for them but when he is in the box he should take his Red Bull hat off and not moan and whine when something goes against one of their drivers. It would be like me being an Everton fan being totally being against Liverpool if I was commentating on them, you just wouldn’t do it you try to be as professional as you can. This afternoon he was moaning about Kobayashi who did when blue flagged move out of the way but still had to turn into the corner which blocked Webber after I think Hamilton went through. What did Coulthard want Kobayashi to run off the road and potentially out of the race? He was still in with a chance of World Championship Points at the time. I know he eventually he finished 11th but the point is it is not just about the teams at the front, those teams midtable still have a right to race too and not be forced off the track by the big boys.

So now half way through the season and Sebastian Vetal is right in the place he wants to be leading the Drivers World Championship by 85 points to team mate Mark Webber with Lewis Hamilton a further 3 points back. You still can’t rule out Alonso on 145 or of course Jenson Button on 134, with so many points to fight for I fancy many twists and turns still to come in the remainder of the season. The World Champion will come from one of the 5 drivers mentioned above with other so much further back.

So where’s your money going? I don’t know I just have a sneaky suspision JB might just do it, he seems the most relaxed and focused and their may have been just a little shift away from Red Bull this weekend to McLaren. Who knows but I know it will be fascinating to watch over the coming months!

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