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So I have decided to use or rather to expand this blog into more than just wrestling. Although I have a massive passion for it I love other sports too so I want to make this blog into an all sports blog.

Now I won’t hide the fact that football or soccer for any American friends reading, is my first love and within that I am a huge Everton fan. Now this year I have however got season ticket for Tranmere my local league 1 team. Quite frankly that decision is purely based on my personal finances. Now just because I am an Everton fan does not mean I can’t be fair in my assessment of Liverpool as those people who listened to me on radio know.
Within this blog I will aim to blog about other sports but as I say will concentrate mainly on wrestling and football.

Now in saying all that this evening I do want to talk about things happening with Everton and in particular Phil Jagielka. Everton of course this week have reportedly turned down a bid of £10m. Many people found it quite ironic that Mr Wenger has also this week been moaning about how much Barcalona were offering for Cesc Fabrigas.

Now I can see why Everton turned down the offer, quite frankly it was an insult, Jags is worth a lot more than that.

Now today there was one of those fantastic Twitter / Facebook rumours doing the rounds that Arteta was out injured for 6 months. A little later I heard that the bid for Jags was being upped to around £15m / £20m mark, now if the Arteta rumour was true what would you do? Me, simple, take it. You may ask why? I have a very easy answer!

With that type of money Everton could buy a new player to come into that midfield, we coped with the loss of Arteta last year, so a massive outlay on someone is not needed. Taking that into consideration efforts can then be made to strengthen up front or out wide.

As for the defence if we did sell Jagielka? Well look at it this way, Distin is a proven centre back, then you have a World Cup winner in Heitinga who is crying out to play at the back. Remember when Jags got injured in the season we got to the Cup Final how good Johnny 5 and Distin looked then? They forged a great partnership and we didn’t seem to miss Jags that much. Throw into that mix the talk of Rodwell always being groomed to play back there all along! Now there is also one other player that many have forgotten about, Joseph Yobo. Yes he who went out on loan last year. So think about it Yobo has returned from Fenerbache, yes I know he wanted to stay and they wanted to do a deal but since they are in a little bit of bother at the moment I don’t think that one is going to happen. So if Jags does leave Yobo is back so the replacement is already there.

Now I have also heard today that Yobo is on strike, if this is true fine, I just hope Everton are not paying him while he is. I am also unsure why he is on strike anyway it is not Everton’s fault the move to Turkey can’t happen. If this is the case then I hope Everton are doing everything in their power to move him on and get a reasonable fee for him to reinvest, or at least they can bring someone in on loan.

I don’t necessarily think selling Jagielka would be negative for the club as I have demonstrated above and a fee of over £15m isn’t a bad return on someone we only paid £2.5m for is it and don’t forget he is approaching 30. On the other hand I wouldn’t mind Everton saying he is not for sale full stop no matter how much, but as we know every player has a price. But I can’t see how Everton progress without money and at the moment as Bill Kenwright has none and can’t or won’t find investment the only major money in to strengthen is via player sales.

Anyway that is my view I hope you have enjoyed the read, please feel free to comment below, and maybe spread the word about my blog.
Thanks I’ll hope to catch you soon.

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