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iMPACT Wrestling shown on Challenge 26/7/11

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Hello and welcome to this weeks iMPACT Wrestling report, am sorry about last week’s report not beening done but a family emergency cropped up. Due to some time constraints and some technical computer issues this weeks report will also be shorter than normal.

Show opens with a look back at last week’s events, were Sting employed the group of evil clowns to help in destroy the Immortal and win the World Heavyweight Championship.

As the show opens Sting comes down to the ring and cuts promo about how he won the World Heavyweight Championship, at first he was cut off by Kurt Angle who goes on about how they’re both legends and how their paths will cross at Hardcore Justice. As it was Mr. Anderson and Bully Ray came out to confront the two and a tag team march was made for later in the show.

We’re shown an update on the BFGS and its Crimson leading with 31 points Matt Morgan is in second place with RVD, Gunner and Devon all tied in third place.

This leads into tonight’s opening match a BFGS contest between Scott Steiner and Rob Van Dam.

I know I’ve been a little critical recently of Scots Steiner’s work but this was a passable match. I know many people think RVD is sloppy but both men in this match worked reasonably well.

The ending was something different because it incorporated something that annoys many people, Steiner went for the pin as usual, and as we would expect at the two he got up and started doing pushups. Then for some strange reason he then decided to get up and get into the referee’s face as he did this RVD slipped behind and got a schoolboy roll up for the win and 7 BFGS points to go with it.

So now Mickie James makes her way to the ring where she calls out Velvet Sky. There is love in between Velvet and Mickie untill Winter and Angelina come out and say that Winter is going to win the belt at Hardcore Justice and nobody will get their hands on “their” belt again.

In the back we see Sarita and Rosita are attacking Tara and Miss Tessmacher, as Tara and Tessmacher start to get the upper hand a little Madison Rayne came out of nowhere and attacked Tara.

Mike Tenay and Taz tell us that tonight we’ll have a four way ladder match which will be worth 10 BFGS points.

We quickly go to the back where AJ Styles is talking about how he’s going to win the ladder match when Christopher Daniels comes in, he says he wants a private word with AJ. The cameraman tries to hide but AJ sees him and slams the door shut. It could be just me or we could be seeing a turn for either of these competitors.

We are now shown one of those lovely mobile phone videos that TNA seems so intent on using supposedly after last week after show where Sarita and Rosita was supposedly attacked by Tara and Tessmacher and Sarita got her jaw broken (this is a storyline to explain why Sarita is wearing a face mask, in reality she suffered some facial paralysis. Why they can’t just say this is beyond me)

So this leads us to a match for the Knockouts Tag Team Titles between holders Sarita and Rosita against Tara and Miss Tessmacher.

To be honest this match wasn’t as bad as I thought it could be probably due to the fact that three of the four women a fully trained wrestlers and sometimes when you think and women’s matches you think of divas matches than WWE. My only real gripe with this match is that Sarita seemed to be struggling with the mask and her hair. The end came when Madison Rayne ran in got failed to do any real damage because Tara still hit a sit down powerbomb for the win and thus becoming the new Knockouts Tag Team Champions.

Next up we had the BFGS ladder match for 10 BFGS points between AJ Styles, Gunner, Matt Morgan and Samoa Joe.

Sometimes I can’t believe they give these matches away free on TV. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again there watching Samoa Joe do some of the moves that he does is just amazing, and I think the comments of  both Steve Austin and Jim Ross have made about him this week are completely justified. One of the moves that he pulled off tonight when he was whipped into the ropes, 22 came off them ducks a clothesline and dives straight through the ropes on to Matt Morgan.

The finish came when Gunner thought he had eliminated all the other men only for him to turn round straight into a Carbon Footprint, Morgan then climbs the ladder and grabs the clipboard for the win. Now it will be interesting to see what happens next as it looks like Morgan was being given a big push certainly towards the top four in the BFGS. This week it has been confirmed that Morgan is out for six weeks with a back injury.

The one thing I am now waiting for though is when Joe snaps and becomes this monster heel because he’s so frustrated at his lack of BFGS points.

We get some more quality comedy gold from Eric Young who is again on the road looking to defend his TV title. This week we see him at a petrol station where he finds D-Lo Brown, these two have some great back and forth banter were D-Lo tries to discourage Eric from having having a match there and then. As you would expect Eric doesn’t listen and as D-Lo tries to leave Eric rolls him up and counts three himself. D-Lo then chases Eric around store until a Eric escapes out of the door. To say the least D-Lo is not a happy bunny.

It’s now time for our X Division match of the night as the man who won Ultimate X to become the number one contender Alex Shelley faces champion Brian Kendrick.

As usual the X Division deliver and it’s a real fun match to watch, is nice to see the ending involving the man who’s just want a new contract with the X Division Austin Aries getting involved an hitting Shelley with a title belt giving Kendrick the win.

After the match in the back Kendrick says he doesn’t want to win this way and it should be about the best wrestler.

Next up we have my favourite segment of the week he says as he rolls his eyes to the back of his head, as Mexican America come out to the ring. They moan about Sarita and Rosita losing their belts tonight, they tell us that in a worried about the British Invasion although in my opinion they probably should be. They go on and on untill they say they want to call out Beer Money to thankfully Bobby Roode and James Storm answer. Somehow again we seem to have got some strange booking because each week they seem to change their mind who are the number one contender is for the tag team titles, anyway it seems as the Mexican America are the chosen ones and will get a shot at the belts and the PPV. I don’t know why it is I don’t like Mexican American but they just the grate on me, maybe that’s the point of the whole gimmick and I suppose if it is then it’s working.

So now it’s time for a Knockouts Title match between champion Mickie James and Velvet Sky. As Mickie makes her way to the ring Angelina and Winter come out and attack her. Velvet runs out to make the save when ODB and Miss Jackie return and also start beating on Velvet and Mickie continues for a few moments till unexpectedly Traci Brooks returns to even up the fight. As usual he completely inept security guards come down and end up getting kicked in the nuts, this all goes on until two police officers come out and put both ODB and Miss Jackie in handcuffs store them out through the crowd. This was all quite good the continued if feud between Mickie and Winter and also continued a storyline of ODB and Miss Jackie being renegades and not part of the organisation and continuing to attack Velvet.

In the back Velvet is talking to Traci who says she’s back to watch Velvet’s back and she knew that ODB and Miss Jackie would not honor their contracts.

It’s time for our main event a tag team match between Mr. Anderson and Bully Ray against Sting and Kurt Angle. As Anderson and Ray were coming down the aisle Ray tried to stop Anderson doing his usual entrance which Anderson completely ignored. This was a decent enough match from some of the top guys in the company at the moment. What was nice and surprising about the match was that we got a clean finish when Angle hit Anderson with the Hacker Slam.

As the show finishes Angle and Sting shake hands but Angle pulls him in for an even tighter stare down. Sting asks Angle if he’s gone too far or not far enough but angle looked puzzled to say the least so was I, however I’m sure all will be revealed as we get closer to Hardcore Justice.

Well that concludes this weeks report and I thank you for reading now there is a possibility that there won’t be any more reports from me here but Ray will tell you why in the next few days. I wish to thank you all for reading over the past couple of months I’ve had great fun in writing this blog and watching how TNA he is unfolded and is now in a much stronger position.

I do have my own blog on here which you can access by clicking my name, I intend to keep writing my wrestling box and maybe expanding them slightly by including football (the proper football for my American readers the one you play with your feet and not your hands!) when the season starts. I would love it if you continue to read. I would like to thank Ray for giving me this opportunity and I’ll end on a wrestling joke I wish him all the best in his future endeavours!

Untill I catch you all again take care and don’t forget you can follow me on twitter at

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