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Thought I would share this here too it was a blog I wrote realtime during my last radio show today

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So I thought I would write this post as I do my last show. These will be my thoughts as I go along.

10.08 Final song of my perfect 3, am worried about every link I am going to do just incase I crack. I will so miss this it is unbelievable.

10.34 It is great loads of requests coming in which makes things easy for me. I still feel strange every time I open the mic and try and sound happy and fun when inside I am in real pain and so down. I love doing radio so much this is all I have ever wanted to do and I have to give it up for a while for something so silly. I will be back though that is one think I vow.

10.40 Helen has gone out of studio to get herself something to eat. It is her who I feel like I am bothering the most she is having to put herself out everyday. I wish I could some how sort a break for her.

10.48 Getting nice messages from people helps, makes you know people who care. Only 12 mins of this hour to go, I think I will make the 4 hours, I think I have to at least for myself go out properly.

11.00 Hour 1 done not going bad now lets mix this music up a bit.

11.04 Got my Triple Threat all lined up ready to go, I think it is a little difficult today see how many people get it right should we?

11.19 Back throbbing but am determined to get through today and finish the show properly.

11.24 The new Right Said Fred song is exactly how I feel “Stop the World”

11.56 Good response to the Triple Threat today it is a fun game but a swine when your listening it really bugs you.

12.05 A brilliant selection of guilty pleasures today. Half way through now, will get through it.

12.23 On a really positive not my blog on has now had 23 hits in just over 12 hours. Pleased I should coco.

12.47 Thank god for long ad breaks and songs lol. Needed that pitstop. Have just posted a question too on Facebook to see what I should play as my last song.

12.59 Ready for the final hour now planning to have a good time and play some fun tunes.

13.07 This is a very rocky perfect 3 but planning on having a party this hour and do my best not to whinge lol

13.12 Already got quite a few songs I like lined up but will always bump mine for requests.

13.37 Less than 1/2 hour to go and still getting songs requested, I will miss it so much but as I said I will be back. I needed to come back and give myself a chance to come back on air but it is still to painful now I need to think about my health and my family.

13.46 awww a love song someone asked me to play so I chose Ronan which was my wedding song. 14 mins to go

13.59 All done time to go time. Loved it.


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01/06/2011 at 7:53 pm

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