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TNA Impact (Wrestling) Shown in UK on Challenge TV 17th May 2011

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So the show opens with a PO’d Hulk Hogan backstage with the “Lead Pipe of Doom” in his hand waiting for the Network Exec to show. Bischoff shows up and calms him down telling him to play the game. Bischoff has been gold during this whole angle, he acts well much better than Hogan who is so wooden and can’t do any expressions whatsoever.

Out in the ring we have Jeff and Karen Angle who want to call a truce with Kurt, now you know this is not going to happen as Kurt has his big reveal tonight. Jeff is as good as ever here saying nice things about Karen, they even have a big hug. She says everything that she did was wrong and they want to put it in the past. This is a nice build to Kurt coming out. Which of course he does! He tells them it’s too late it’s done, however he will wait till later to reveal who his mistress is because the Network have asked him too. This keeps everyone watching to know who it is (if you haven’t read spoilers of course). I also like the way Kurt gets in a shot about how she will eventually take Jeff for everything he has too. I like the way TNA give guys or certainly the top guys a lot of freedom with their promos. Since the took the kids out of this angle it has got better, sometimes wrestling and real life blurring together make good angles and this has become one of those times. Kurt eventually tells Jeff it is someone he knows!

We now have our 1st match and it is strange because last week Mickie James and Miss Tessmacher were fighting now they are teaming against Madison Rayne and Tara. This basically continues the feud between Mickie, Madison and Tara of course Madison has to beat Mickie at Sacrifice (don’t forget exclusive blog up tomorrow straight after PPV at 2am on After the match Tara walks off, who would blame her all that screaming and listening to that god awful voice Madison has. Sorry but am not really a big fan of Madison.

Ric Flair returns to our TV with little or no build now we know he had a bad arm but come on you could have given him some build and tease he could be the Network Guy a little better. Anyway Flair comes into Hogan and Bischoff’s office and they have a little argument about the Network and all make up within 3 minutes. Bloody awful am sorry come on TNA you can do better!

We see a Limo arrive wow, this must be the Network Exec, cut to a break that is all were getting no clue at all.

Tara is in the back so we have continuation of the Limo at all. Tara says she hopes Madison looses and she will be free blah blah blah, guess who is behind her? Yep Madison heard the whole thing and says she will make Tara’s life miserable after Sacrifice.

We now go to Tommy Dreamer who tells the cameraman to leave him alone as he has a life outside of TNA! Tommy is good here this is what Tommy Dreamer should be, not knowing which way he is going and a bit of a loaner, Dreamer does it really well. AJ Styles appears from nowhere and challenges Dreamer to a match, they have a little back and forth argument which ends with Dreamer saying no one knows who her really is. This is taking Dreamer into a nice dark place as a character and I really like it.

Still no more wrestling we now see Sting having photographs taken and being asked about RVD. He says he is one of the best ever and puts him over nicely. He is asked about the Network guy and Sting says he’s here and soon it’s showtime!

Well at least now we are back in the ring with Beer Money and they call out Matt Hardy and tell him they know that his partner for the PPV is Jeff and to just introduce him and stop wasting time…Yeah I know the feeling. Matt comes out and says it is not Jeff who’s his partner at Sacrifice but someone James Storm knows well. The music of Americas Most Wanted hits Wild Cat Chris Harris comes out looking a little bigger than last time he was in TNA! This would have been good if Harris looked a bit leaner, looks like he has put weight on since he left WWE  where he had an unsuccessful run. He just doesn’t look believable looking like the pillsbury dough boy with long hair.

My word we have another match I know it is out 2nd of the night and it a rematch of that classic from last week Sangriento Vs Suicide. Once again Sangriento picks up the win in a passable match. It was only a filler again though, tonight wrestling seems to have been an after thought because of everything else going on!

Out in the ring now are the Jarrett’s, Hogan Flair and Bischoff as Hogan demands the Network guy gets out here right now. Tyres screech and Mick Foley makes his way down to the ring. He reveals himself as the Network Exec and tells Hogan the show isn’t about him or Immortal any more the show is about wrestling! Yeah that is why we have only had 2 matches in an hour! The show is no longer TNA it is called Impact Wrestling. Foley says he calls the shots and tonight the main event will be a 25 man over the top rope battle royal to decide the number 1 contender for the World Title at Slamiversary.

Foley then goes of to introduce Kurt Angles partner for Sacrifice and it’s none other than Chyna. As she strolls down to the ring Karen looks distraught. So there you have the big announcements. How good and how long Chyna will stick around for is anyones guess, as for Foley being the exec that is not a bad thing Foley is good in that sort of roll. I just hope they stick to their word and the focus is now on Wrestling.

In the back we see Foley who says it’s great to be back and how he’ll make a difference. He was upset Hogan didn’t hit him as he wanted to fire him and Flair. He goes on about the main event and says Jeff Jarrett is in it and if Karen is ringside he wants Chyna there too.

We find Anderson (still no more wrestling on IMPACT WRESTLING) who goes on about it being Foley who has held him back and how he will love throwing the 24 other people out in the battle royal.

At last again we have another match and it is a 3 way between Crimson, Abyss and Samoa Joe. These 3 have had their differences and this was a good match with the finish coming when Crimson hit Abyss with a spear after he had given the Black Hole Slam to Joe. After the match Joe is behind Crimson when Abyss comes up and takes him out . Joe leaves the ring and says if you live by the sword you die by the sword. Abyss hits the Black Hole Slam on Crimson and stands in the middle of the ring showing his missing teeth. This keeps Crimson unbeaten as a singles competitor and builds to the match with Abyss at the PPV.

In the Back all the competitors for the Main Event are ready and RVD says he will have a front row seat as the winner will be his first defence.

The Main Event is a typical Battle Royal ending up with Mr Anderson…Anderson, Bully Ray, Angle and Jarrett. As Angle and Jarrett are getting involved Karen keeps trying to grab at Kurt. As Kurt goes after Karen Jeff puts him over the top Karen gets in to celebrate however out of nowhere Chyna hits the ring and tosses Jeff out she grabs Karen and starts to choke her out but Jeff manages to pull her out the ring and they run for their lives.

So we are now left with Anderson and Bully Ray, who I have said week on week really fits the main event as a singles competitor. After they exchange blows Ray puts Anderson over the top but he survives on the apron. He grabs Ray in a headlock and pulls him over onto the floor. So there you have it Anderson is number 1 contender again. He gets the mic and does his stuff and tells Sting he’s like the Navy SEALs were to Osama Bin Laden. He’s locked, loaded, and ready to go and he’s going to give Sting a headshot.

Sting is with Anderson backstage and tells him he is happy for him and he’ll be even happier when he shuts his mouth up in the ring. What I am liking about TNA or Impact Wrestling, – really confused by the name change or lack thereof, when you see PPV you will understand why,- is how there is no real defination of who is a face and who is a heel at times, it makes it easier to suspend reality. Anyway basically Anderson says when RVD shows up he doesn’t care who wins as he promises at Slamiversary he’ll be in good form and he’ll be and equal opportunities Asshole.

Overall a decent show, the reveals were what we expected, maybe not Chyna that came a little out of left field. However if they are going to be called TNA Impact Wrestling or just Impact Wrestling, that really needs to be defined. They really do need to have more wrestling on the show 2 matches in an hour is not enough and 4 in a 2 hour show is definatly not enough ok 1 was a battle royal so I will judge it on next weeks show.

One final time don’t forget to check my blog on Sacrifice PPV exclusively on tomorrow online straight after the PPV finishes 2am in the UK see you there.


Written by pegleg5125

17/05/2011 at 11:20 pm

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