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TNA Impact Shown in UK on Challenge TV 9/5/11

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Sorry this blog is a bit late but had a bit on yesterday and didn’t get round to writing it.

So we start off what looks to be like the show had started Immortal are already in the ring and RVD and Sting trying to get into it. Hogan goes on about Sting hiding behind people and how he is fed up, and he demands to know who the Network guy is. Sting teases Hogan and says that he or she will be at Impact next week. A fight breaks out with Hogan even swinging a punch before he shuffles out the ring, it was poor D-Lo Brown who took the “Big Right Hand” from Hogan. As all hell breaks loose Fortune rush the ring and Immortal gets out of there, Hogan had only just managed to get out the ring by this point (although I do sympathise with him about the bad back lol).

Robert Roode who now seems to want to go by the name of Bobby gets on the mic and cuts an awsome promo, saying how he got into wrestling because of Hogan. He goes on to say that basically Hogan Bischoff and Flair have bled the company dry over the past 18 months. They talk about Jay Leathel being fired, which now makes me wonder if this is a work and they are going down the same route WWE took with Daniel Bryan?! At the end of the promo he says to Hogan and Immortal “Next week things are gonna change”.

In the back we have a continuation of Karen and Jeff believing that Velvet Sky is the woman Kurt has been talking about and they tell her to get herself to the ring. This is good stuff for once with this angle, I know I have been critical of it but it finally has gone in a direction which is good and gets the kids out of it which I didn’t like. All the while Karen was talking here Velvet was just in a towel.

We then see TNA’s newest Mexican high flyer Sangrieto. Why do TNA feel the need to do this, Sin Cara hasn’t got over as Vince would like and already been put on Smackdown!

Matt Hardy is in the back on the phone to someone and says he has a special partner for Beer Money, this teases a possible Jeff return.

Next match we have two masked men as Sangrieto facing Suicide. This was just a match to introduce Sangrieto, who I do wonder if he will be around for very long.

Hogan tells us how great it was to hit D-Lo and says he may hit the Network guy next week. It also sets up that Hogan has said this week how he may get back in the ring. Good god he can barely move I can’t think of anything worse than watching this.

Bully Ray and Gunner Vs AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels is up next and ends in a no contest when Bully Ray threatens the ref with the chain and Tommy Dreamer comes out and gives AJ a brutal pile driver. This looked good and gives Tommy something. When we come back from the break he is smashing things up like he is unsure of what he has just done. Will be interesting too see where they go with this.

We see Winter giving Angelina some pills, going on about some nonsense of crossing eons of time to find her again. What is all this about and do we really need to see someone being force fed drugs?

Back in the Impact Zone and Karen calls out Velvet who answers her by coming out. Karen goes on about Velvet be practically the only female in the back not to hold the Knockouts title. Karen says she has only got in league with Kurt to get to the top but tonight that will come to a hault. Karen has booked her in a handicap match Vs Winter and Angelina.

This whole thing is not good, we basically have 2 women going on about sleeping with people to get too the top. Velvet said she wouldn’t do that unlike some, looking at Karen!

Kurts music hits and he comes out and says he has come in peace and has spoken to the Network and promised he won’t do anything he’ll regret. Tonight Karen gets her handicap match but it will be Kurt and Velvet Vs Jeff, Angelina and Winter.

Bischoff is in the back complaining how everyone can make a match tonight. Murphy and Rob Terry come up and offer to take Kurt out. Bischoff gets mad and says they haven’t proved anything to be in Immortal so puts them in a match against each other and the looser is out!

After we see Crimson looking for Joe who he can’t find we go back to the ring and we have Murphy Vs Rob Terry. This is a decent contest with 2 big men which Terry ends up winning. So what does this mean for Murphy is he out of Immortal where does he go from here, myself am not sure. As for Rob Terry he could be a massive Monster Heel if the push him right. In the back Hogan says he is done with both men, so does that mean Terry is out too, it is just a bit confusing and it is this cluster f*** booking that does my head in.

In the back Joe and Crimson meet and Crimson tells Joe to stay out of his way. This is a nice build to a match somewhere along the line.

Next we have a Knockouts title match with Mickie James taking on Miss Tessmacher. All this is to reintroduce Miss Tessmacher and the fact she is now going to be an in ring performer. She looks good and has a long entrance and a nice teasing the men gimmick and she is a decent enough worker. Mickie was never going too loose this match and wins with her DDT. Nothing more to be said really.

After the match Madiosn and Tara come out and Madison wants a rematch for the title. Mickie says she can have one but to get her match she had to put her hair on the line and asks what Madison will put up. She replies anything so Mickie says if she looses Tara is free from Madison’s personal service contract. Madison agrees so I guess we have a match for Sacrifice. Which I will be reporting on for don’t forget to read on there next Thursday morning it will be the only place to find my blog on that PPV.

After we have seen Kendrick, Amazing Red and Gen me questioning an irate Bischoff about Jay Leathel it is Main Event time.

Jeff Jarrett, Angelina and Winter Vs Kurt Angle and Velvet Sky. Other than Mickie and Tara I think these 3 are 3 of the better female workers around currently, that however is just my opinion. This match just continues the 2 angles and not much else and ends when Velvet hits a double DDT and pins Winter.

After the match Kurt congratulates Velvet and wishes her good luck going for the title but tells Karen she was never the woman. But next week she will be here. I have enjoyed seeing how it will be revealed and will be good to see Karen’s face next week.

In the back Hogan and Bischoff are getting in the car and they teas that Goldberg is coming as across the car pained on is “You’re Next” as they get the knickers in a twist they pull away and the camera pans across to the X Division guys laughing.

That wraps it up for next week, this show was basically a build for next weeks big show which is the last before Sacrifice. Don’t forget I will blog Impact as normal on here Wednesday but the only place you will see the blog for Sacrifice will be well the rating for that show 3* just about passable. See you next week, although I may blog early for Impact if I watch it from the States tonight to make sure I have the blog up before Sacrifice blog next week.

Thanks for reading all comments welcome.



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12/05/2011 at 3:55 pm

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