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WWE Monday Night Raw 9th May 2011

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Firstly let me say some of this episode of Raw was uncomfortable watch. I will get to why later.

First up we had a confrontation between Alberto Del Rio, Rey Mysterio and The Miz to decide who should be number 1 contender. This was a good segment and planted the seeds for a Miz face turn as he is defiantly getting some cheers. R Truth also decides to make his entrance and say he should have a shot. At least I think that is what he said, the man is so bad on the Mic its unbelievable Really he shouldn’t be anywhere near the main event. The Anonymous Raw GM told us via email on Cole’s Ipad which looked like a laptop to me but anyway that there would be a 3 way tonight between Del Rio, Rey and Miz. R Truth gets pissed and storms off.

The Bella’s are in the ring for their match with Kelly Kelly and Eve Torres. This match was just to further the Kharma as she came out after Kelly had won with an inside cradle. The Bella’s managed to escape by hiding round the ring and running up the ramp as Kharma hit the ring, Kelly had backed herself into the corner as Eve attacked, Kelly got out the ring and ran off as Kharma got out of the ring and watched her smiling. She got back in the ring and gave Eve an Implant Buster. I like the way this angle is going and want to see more does Kharma want Kelly as a pet?

Next match we have Kane Vs Mason Ryan, I like how they are building Ryan as a big monster. As expected New Nexus got involved as did Big Show. After Kane and Show had got rid of New Nexus smaller members it took them both to choke slam Ryan. I like how it looks that 2 of the big monsters of WWE had to take out Ryan. Be good to see how the go with this British monster.

After the break Santio is in the ring and is interrupted by “EXCUSE ME” Vickie Guerrero introducing us to the new improved Dolph Ziggler. This was just a match really to push Ziggler and it is working, Santino is really good in this role as he can work with anyone.

We go to the Smackdown Rebound showing Christian loosing the World Championship to Orton. WWE are wondering why it was the lowest rated episode and why people are upset. Come on people like Christian and he is a bit of an underdog and you could have least let him hold the belt till the next

PPV it is only 2 weeks away!

Back on Raw and we see R Truth leaving the building, you know he isn’t really and is going to show up later. We get more ramblings from him about how he is being overlooked.

From there we go to see Cena fistpummping with Zak Ryder!

Then to Miz listening to Alex Riley apologising for last week, Miz says he doesn’t know why he allows him in his presence. Riley says he will make it up to Miz and walks off, he walks all the way out to the ring and calls out John Cena. 

Cena answers the challenge and we have a match now, it basically shows Cena beating Riley who gets in some slight offence. Cena wins after 2 Attitude Adjustments with Miz looking on. Riley really must be on the bubble come release time he just doesn’t seem to offer anything to me. Once he is out of the Miz service I don’t know where he can go. Am not even sure there would be a place for him in TNA!

Next up is the part of the show I found hard to watch. Michael Cole was in the ring and said he was going to retire from in ring competition as he had nothing to prove. He would retire the only undefeated WWE Superstar in history. At this point King got in the ring and said he would personally induct Cole into the Hall of Fame and give him his ring if he beat him in 1 more match. Cole said no and left the ring and got back into his Colemine. It was at this point it all became bad taste for me. Cole started going on about what he did for Mothers Day with his mum and how King couldn’t because his mum was dead. Now for someone who lost their mum less that 12 months ago I found this horrid and almost turned off. I know Cole gets most of his lines from Vince but was there really any need for this? It doesn’t make good viewing really it is just quite sick.

So as Lawler went after Cole he was blindsided by Jack Swagger.

After the break we have a match for the US Title and Swagger will take on Kofi Kingston. This was a nice paced match and shows what a good worker Kofi is and he has some nice spots, why can’t he be pushed instead of Truth? The match ends when King comes back out and distracts Swagger who gets hit with a Trouble in Paradise.

Lawler sends Swagger into the crowd and goes after Cole. He throws a chair into the Colemine then goes round the front and pulls Cole by his tie repeatedly banging his head on the plexi glass. the sight was one of the funniest thing I have seen for a long time, look on Google for a pic. Anyway Swagger makes the save and checks on Cole, as he helps him to the back he says to Lawler that’s it he is fired because he laid his hands on Cole. Lawler points out he never touched Cole just his tie. Swagger goes on and says Cole is a first ballot Hall of Famer and he accepts the match. Cole questions what he has done looking worried and we have the match for Over the Edge.

The Main Event tonight was Rey Vs Del Rio Vs The Miz and was pretty decent some nice back and forth, and false finishes. Miz won with help form Riley who could help as no DQ in 3 way. So Miz faces Cena again for WWE Championship. Cena announces it will be an I Quit match oh the joys.

Back in the ring “out of nowhere” R Truth attacks Rey with a What’s Up. Guess its Rey Vs Truth too then.

That wraps up Raw which was not a great episode for me don’t like R Truth at all and hated the Cole stuff. Only gets 1* from me maybe 2* if I’m kind.


Written by pegleg5125

10/05/2011 at 8:36 pm

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