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New EWR TNA game

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Right so I have started a new EWR game with TNA the date the game starts is June 1 2011, it is up to date with the rosters as of May 2011. I will blog as I go with it today updating rosters etc. If you have any ideas what I should do or where I should go with the promotion let me know. I am going to have a day of it today and see how I do. In this blog I will post current rosters on day it starts, later I will post what I have done. Will at least try and get to end of month and give you an update. For the first week I will probably write this blog as I go so you will see what I am doing and why the writing is the way it is.

Below is the first page of my roster.

This is page 2.

There are 3 more on the roster Traci Brooks, Velvet Sky and Winter.

The Staff are as follows.

There will definitely be additions to the staff as I have opened up a training camp so will need to hire a trainer.

So I have just released Amazing Red, Gunner, Murphy and Okato, all had low overness and would probably not been used on the card. On the bubble as far as I’m concerned are Crimson although I think I can make him a star and Robbie E again who I think I can work with.

These are the feuds I have gone with and will definitely run this month, some will go longer.

At the first meeting I had with my staff I was told that Tara and Kaz’s gimmicks weren’t working so I changed Tara from Bodyguard to Crazy and Kaz from Arrogant to Cool. Scouts also told me a few workers to try and sign of the ones they suggested I am going to try and sign Chris Jericho, Amy Dumas and Tajiri. I have also thought about JBL and Shane O’Mac for him to come in as a new power over Hogan!

So out of those that I wanted to sign. Jericho, Dumas and JBL none of whom wanted to become wrestlers and Tajiri has Japanese commitments and I wanted him on full time contract. So I went for Shane and I got him for 12 months on $86,000 a month. I will be introducing him on 1st show last segment and will get him involved with Hogan.

So that is where I am at the start of this game. I will blog again on it at the end of the game month with PPV results and other bits and bobs of happenings over the month.

Keep a look out for my WWE Raw blog later today and my TNA Impact blog tomorrow.


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