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Sony Radio Awards and Community Radio

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I have spent the evening watching the Sony Radio Awards on the internet.

I started thinking how I would love to be nominated and I asked them why don’t they have a Community award. I was told they did and this year BBC Berkshire won it!!! PARDON??? BBC Berkshire??? So let me get this straight a BBC station won a community award? So I have re asked should there not be one for Community Radio Stations then were most presenters are unpaid volunteers, maybe, just maybe some recognition from an organisation like the Sony’s would be nice.

I had a little dig round and found that you have to pay to be even enter and that is no guarantee of nomination to the awards, that is over £100 per entry. The application process seems overly hard and very ambiguous too.

I am sat here now thinking it is all a bit of a “love in” for big stations or ones with money and the BBC. Should our licence fee be being used to be nominated for awards??? I am also sat thinking would I now knowing this want to be nominated for one?

The answer is am not sure, I think that their should be a Community Station category, or even a few for Community Stations, such as Community Station of the Year, Community Station Presenter of the Year etc., you get the point. These categories should be free to enter too as I say most Community Radio presenters do it for free but yeah we would like some recognition too, and who knows it could lead to bigger things….

Hang on I think I may have just found the point. The radio industry is a very insular industry it doesn’t really like too many newcomers and goodness who knows what we might find in community radio?

So would I want one, yeah I think I would who wouldn’t want to be honoured by your peers in the industry, but ideally I would like to be nominated for being good and not because I can afford to pay to even have a chance to be nominated.

By the way good luck to KCC based in Knowsley who are nominated for the Station of the Year in the >300,000 Target Audience Who knows one day maybe I’ll be there.

As an add on I just received this reply from the people at the Sony’s “The majority of our awards are for Programmes, regardless of maker. Community Stations could go for “Station of the Year <300k" Yeah that is a good idea your still going up against Commercial Stations and that is wrong, Community Radio can't compete with commercial stations financially so putting them against them at an awards is wrong too, I still don't get why you can't have a separate category for Community Radio, but as I said I think I have answered that question above!

Written by pegleg5125

09/05/2011 at 8:46 pm

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  1. I agree with almost every word this writer has said, apart from the fact I would be embarressed to be nominated for any award but ecstatic for the station that I serve. Any award that has to be paid for entry wise is not worth a carrot in my book. It should be nominated by listeners & free to enter, the B.B.C. is a massive organisation, how can a Community radio station compete with the BBC ? It can try, but get real Sony or any other awards people, make it a level playing field. Yeh good luck to Knowsley I hope they win it.

    Geoff Morris

    09/05/2011 at 10:09 pm

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