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TNA Impact Report Aired in UK on Challenge TV 3/4/11

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Impact started last with Karen Jarrett in the ring with a load of Divas and 2 “backstage workers”. She went through them all trying to find out who Kurt’s mistress was.

Just a pointless segment all bar Miss Tessmacher are in a feud already and to be honest Tessmacher didn’t seem a likely candidate to me as Kurt said you would find out, it was and is always going to be someone who is still to début Just seemed a whole waste of time to me. Last person she went to was Velvet Sky and she and Karen squared off eventually Angelina with Winter came down and attacked Velvet. Winter threatens So Cal Val and tells her to ring the bell for the match. A ref comes down so we have our opening match.

This was pretty much a squash continuing the feud with Angelina still drugged by Winter. She won with a rear naked choke after Velvet passed out.

Winner Angelina Love

We go outside were Anderson arrives in his Monster Truck, Anderson says it is an old truck but has sentimental value. They may as well have said you know this is getting trashed tonight.

Back inside and Matt Morgan is looking for Scott Steiner Just go look in the locker room dumb ass.

Out to the ring and we have Mexican America saying that next week we will salute their flag.

Anarquia will face Chris Sabin in this one. Started of a decent match which was going nice until Sabin came off the top and poped his knee, you could see it on replay and Anarquia quickly rolled him up for the win.

Winner Anarquia

After the match the rest of Mexican America come in and beat down Sabin and force him up to salute the flag, but wait the Guns music hits and out comes Alex Shelly for the save and that’s that.

Backstage again and back to the Morgan Steiner nonsense. Basically they find each other and have a fight, quite a good one if am honest using tables and chairs as well as other stuff it ends after Steiner choked Morgan, Morgan got the upper hand and rammed Steiner into a fridge with Steiner saying he’s sorry. Morgan stands over Steiner saying nobody is going to get in his way.

Back to the parking lot we go and Sting is there and shock horror he takes a baseball bat to Anderson’s Truck puts in all the windows in and leaves the bat sticking up out of the front window.

We go back inside for a match for the TNA TV Title with Champion Gunner Vs Christopher Daniels

Brilliant match and it showed Gunner has talent and is much better off as a singles competitor I think he is the wild card in Immortals pack.

Out to the ring we have Sting who calls out Anderson. Anderson asks if the video he saw was a figment of his imagination. Sting says yes he smashed Anderson windows, Anderson basically says he doesn’t care and he will get them replaced as he’s rich Anderson says as Sting has authority from because he has friends at the Network and he can pick his opponents why don’t the just go at it there and then.

This would be good but as usual with TNA nothing is straightforward and RVD’s music hits.

This is a good segment with RVD building up to the match with Sting at Sacrifice and just putting down Anderson basically he wants Sting to shut him up. This will probably leading to a feud down the line. I like how RVD and Anderson play the Tweener, they do it with just enough of bits to make you like them but also not like them at the same time. RVD wants them these two to settle their differences tonight. Sting says that’s ok and it is him and Anderson tonight.

The segment goes on as Hogan comes down to join the other 3! He rambles on about Sting picking his opponents because of the Network clause. Hogan makes the match a 3 way throwing Bully Ray into the match.

In the back Samoa Jo goes on about something it really is just rambling, going on about him being the best man and he is the omega in TNA. Was really an awful promo that didn’t make much sense going on about him becoming champ.

I always thought Joe could talk but this make me change my mind.

Next up Joe goes on about his match with Crimson and he will beat him as he does everyone in TNA.

Back to the ring and Crimson makes his way out for his match against Samoa Joe.

This was a good match with both men working hard and Crimson showing that he can handle himself, apart from one suplex that didn’t come off 100%.

Winner No Contest

As Abyss came down and beat up on Crimson, this has potential this feud Abyss is solid and I think Crimson can become a massive star.

Anderson in the back saying he is not going to wine and complain. Hasn’t he done that for the past 3 weeks or so?

Kurt says Karen will meet his mystery mistress next week. He says it is nobody she knows. Now if the spoilers I have read are correct they must have had to change the booking or Kurt was throwing a curve ball.

Back in the Impact Zone we have Hardcore Country Mickie James in the ring. She looks mighty fine if I may say so.

She says only things she ever wanted when she started was to be greatest women’s wrestler of all time. I think she has come pretty close. Along with Trish, Mae and Fabulous Moolah.

Bully Rey says he would like to piss the wrestling world off if he became the World Champion, he would trade his 23 World Tag titles for this.

The Main Event of the night is next

Sting Vs Mr Anderson….Anderson Vs Bully Rey

I love the way JB does the intros for World Title matches makes me laugh.

Some really nice 3 way action Bully Rey adds something different in the main event picture. He is so physical and his chops sound like they hurt.

After ref bump Bully Rey really plays up the heel and uses the Lead Pipe but AJ Styles came down and took out the Bully Rey, Sting took advantage and hit Bully with the pipe in the head for the pin.

I liked that a ref came down to count the pin as Hebner was indisposed, just annoys me that sometimes this happens and more often than not it doesn’t inconsistent booking.

Winner Sting

This was a decent main event and it did what it needed elevate Bully and continue his feud with AJ. Not sure where Anderson goes from here though.

Not a bad impact I’ll say 3*

One last thing I hate all the stuff that happens in the back after the main event I don’t think its needed at all.

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04/05/2011 at 4:01 pm

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