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My WWE Monday Night Raw Report

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I missed the 1st 5 mins of the show but from what I can gather it was a great patriotic way to start the show with Lillian Garcia singing the National Anthem.

After this The Rock makes his way down to the ring and “Finally THE ROCK HAS COME BACK………..Home. Rock leads the crowd in a Pledge of Allegiance.  This was a really good opening especially when Cole gets an Email and says he should apologise to the GM and to Cole. Cole was really good when he got in the ring here and I know I don’t like him but as the slimy cowedly heel he is brilliant and like me it was good too see the Rock give him what everyone wants a big Rock Bottom and and Peoples Elbow. The good point is it means he won’t be on commentary for the rest of the night.

This show also included a few celebs, Pitbull being one kicking off the show singing, I know Vince doesn’t like the word but come on this is a Wrestling Show not MTV it is not needed people want to see wrestling, if we wanted music we would watch MTV.

Jim Ross is now back on commentary and him Josh and King work seamlessly it doesn’t sound forced at all and if Ross is not coming back full time I would promote Matthews over Cole he is a much better announcer.

In the ring we get our first match or that is what we thought, Kelly Kelly Vs Myrese. As it gets started with Kelly taking the upper hand that laughing that we heard last night starts and out come Kharma again. She comes down to the ring Kelly looking scared as Kharma never took her eyes off her. However, she attacks Myrese and gives her the Implant Buster and looks at Kelly again but exits the ring. I like the way they are introducing the worker formally known as Awesome Kong, you are not quite sure if she is Face or Heel she is playing a good tweener.

Winner No Contest

Miz is in the back and the tease some heat between him and Alex Riley, as Miz tells him he will be in his corner tonight for his title rematch.

We see the birthday party of the Rock some nice skits here, Santino, Hornswoggle and Khali all dressed as characters from Rock’s films.

As we start hour 2 we have only our 2nd match of the night and the 1st was a no contest. John Cena Vs Miz for WWE Championship. Some nice action in this one and Riley did his part by distracting ref at times as did Miz to let Riley get some shots into Cena. The end came as Riley distracted the ref again allowing Miz to hit Cena with the belt for the 3.

Winner and New WWE Champion The Miz

But wait the ref has gone to get the belt and realises that the belt isn’t there and as he goes to raise the hand of Miz he drops the belt. The ref realises what happened and reverses decision.

Winner via DQ John Cena

My only gripe with this is the ref already called it he didn’t see it so result could stand, it would have been nice to see a title change on TV and would have made it a big thing. After the match Miz blames Riley and they argue with Riley pushing Miz. I think this is them splitting these 2 up and after his problems this year I wouldn’t expect to see Riley round much longer.

After more commercials..Damn Americans have too many ads am talking we had 2 breaks in between 2 nothing segments, we have another match. A tag team match of the newly drafted superstars from Smackdown. Alberto Del Rio comes out to do commentary Out for the match we have Kofi Kingston and Rey Mysterio Vs Jack Swagger and Drew McIntyre.

This match was ok but in reality it was to introduce the competitors to Raw and also used to set up a Rey feud with Del Rio. I think that will be a good one 2 Mexicans and I’m told Del Rio really can fly, we’ll see.

Winner Rey and Kofi

At Rock’s party we have him congratulating Christian, then Vicky and Dolf try and make fun of Mae Young Rock defends her saying no one can make fun of Mae, he even gives her a big kiss. I love the way the use Mae she is a true legend. I still wouldn’t be surprised if Vince keeps his promise and give Mae a match on her 100th birthday. Anyway as Rock turns round he walks into Cena and his present will be to keep the WWE Title till next April and put it on the line Vs Rock at Mania.

So this means that we could have Cena as Champ till then, nearly 12 months, I know that will not please some people but it doesn’t really bother me.

We now have Kane Vs Mason Ryan (From Cardiff, Wales) this again ends via a DQ (Can’t these writers think of better things) after CM Punk interferers

Winner Kane

After the match the other members of New Nexus come down and join in the beatdown of Kane until Big Show makes the save, Show clears out McGillicutty, Otunga and Punk but Ryan spears Show to leave him laying. I like this they are making Ryan look like a massive threat and a big monster.

The main event was another segment involving the Rock. Basically it involved him thanking lots of people including the WWE. Vince came out and introduced a nice video package showing highlights of the Rock. We also had Miya come out and sing Happy Birthday. Rock thanks everyone and confetti and balloons come down and that’s the show.

Final thoughts are their was not enough in ring action for my liking and 2 out of 4 matches was a DQ finish and 1 was a no contest, the other was used to set up the guy on commentary in a feud with 1 of the 4 other competitors. The segments involving Rock were what you would expect, the guy just oozes charisma

Not my favourite Raw of the year and for me just 2 1/2* disappointing,

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03/05/2011 at 3:41 pm

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