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WWE Extreme Rules 2011

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Here we go with my review of WWE Extreme Rules 2011, I am watching it live so may make some adjustments tomorrow should I fall asleep or get distracted.

We start with the usual video hyping the event. We head into our first match. “The Last Man Standing Match”

Out first is Smackdown’s newest member Randy Orton. We go to ringside with our commentary team Josh Matthews Jerry Lawler and the man that I can’t understand Booker T. CM Punk is next out with members of the Nexus. As he enters the ring the GM email goes off “And I quote…All members of Nexus are band from ringside”

As Punk goes to enter the ring he removes a cover from one of the turnbuckles exposing the metal. Orton starts with big punches and gets the upper hand early. We also head to the floor quickly. Punk then gets the upper hand and tries but fails to send Orton’s head into that Turnbuckle (you know who is going into that).

Punk takes a kendo stick out and uses it on Orton and after a few shots instructs the ref to issue the first count. Orton is up at 5. Punk goes up top after another count but is caught by a kendo shot to the gut. Orton gets up a head of steam only to go face first into the exposed turnbuckle (I was wrong).

Nice spot were we had GTS reversed into RKO reversed again into GTS which was reversed and Orton sent Punk into the corner through a chair to the floor. Punk made it up from the count but ended up down again after another exchange Punk was up at 8.

Orton issued a nice spot of a back breaker on the guard rail for another count to 5. Orton back in the ring for a RKO which Punk reversed into GTS and Orton manages just to get up at 9.

Punk continues his assault with a chair for another 8 count. Punk sets up a chair to use but as he does Orton delivers an RKO from nowhere. Punk makes it up and slides to the outside, where Orton gives him a clothesline into the crowd.

Punk gets Orton’s head trapped in a chair and smashes his head into the ring post. Orton makes it up at 9 again. Now they go over to the announce table where Punk tries to deliver a GTS but Orton reverses it into a RKO on the table.

Orton goes for the punt to the head but is caught and given a GTS on the steel steps. Orton up at 8.

We head back into the ring, both men looking pretty battered already as Punk climbs to the top rope but is caught by Orton who strikes him with a Kendo Stick of his own. Then Orton delivers a RKO from the top. The ref counts to 10 and Orton is victorious.

A brutal match to start the PPV.

We see Jerry Lawler heading to the back ready for his match Vs Michael Cole, while Matthews and Booker run down the Draft and Sheamus attack on Kofi Kingston.

We go to the back were Teddy Long says Sheamus will face Kofi tonight in a Bonus match it will be fought as a Tables match. Sheamus says “he is not facing Kofi as Kofi is not from the US!” Teddy says he is and he shouldn’t worry as after tonight he may not be the US champion.

Kofi is out to the ring 1st followed by Sheamus for this the United States Championship match.

The bell rings and were underway. After an early exchange Kofi heads outside to find a table only for Sheamus to catch up with him and ram his head into the guard rail. Kofi manages to get Sheamus on a table only to role off before Kofi dives of the apron.

Around the other side of the ring and Sheamus has found another table and he goes to powerbomb Kofi through the table but Kofi powers out. A little bit of in ring action before Sheamus goes to the outside again and brings in a table to the ring not before ramming it into the midsection on Kofi and then throwing it on him a couple of times for good measure, and just to make sure Sheamus walked along it.

He sets the table up in the corner and rams Kofi’s head into it and picks him up as he was about to plant him through it Kofi escapes and tries to put Sheamus through it who also escapes.

Kofi tries to suplex Sheamus through the table on the outside but Sheamus reverses it and Kofi did just enough to land away from the table after Sheamus’ big kick. Back in the ring and Sheamus has fought with Kofi up to the top rope where he managed to get away from a bulldog type move through a table. Kofi hits a trouble in paradise knocking Sheamus to the outside who stumbled to a waiting table. Kofi climbed to the top and jumped right through Sheamus and the table to be come the new United States Champion.

A good match with some nice spots showing how athletic Kofi is by avoiding tables a few times. So Sheamus heads to Smackdown without his US title. While Kofi goes to his new home of Raw as a new Champeen.

In the back Todd is talking to R Truth who is still trying and failing to get over as a heel. He is wittering on about conspiracy. Only he can’t spell the word. All you get through this whole segment is a lot of “what” chants from the audience.

We go back to the ring ready for the Tag Team Country Whipping Match. Out first is Jack Swagger and Sir Michael Cole “the voice of the WWE” who is wrapped in bubble wrap.

I just hope this is quick and King and JR take out the god awful Cole.

Oh good Cole wants our attention. He goes on about how he is an award winning journalist and how he covered Waco and spent time in Yugoslavia and he is not scared of JR and King. And after he wins they can stay in Florida as they will be old, useless, incontinent retioreies.

JR comes out to Boomer Sooner and is soon joined by his fellow Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler.

Matthews notes that JR broke his hand last week when he punched Cole in the face.

King and Swagger will start the match where the use of the leather straps are allowed. Swagger gets hit by JR from behind. Then by King. Swagger runs to the corner and tags in the bubble wrapped Cole who takes a few shots laughing until King punches him and unwraps him. He gets out the ring and tags in Swagger who gets the upper hand and ties King to the ropes. Cole comes in for a few shots too.

King manages to get free but is already taken a beating. Swagger goes for a splash off the top but King moves out the way. King goes after Swagger in the corner but Cole hits him from behind. It doesn’t bother King who backs Cole up but Swagger delivers a chop block. Swagger locks in the Ankle lock but JR whips him from behind to give his team the advantage again.

JR tags in and locks in the Ankle lock of his own Swagger manages to tag Cole in. JR then just beats on Cole who squeals like a girl. Swagger comes in but JR gives him a low blow and then whips him some more only for Cole to role JR over for the 123. While Booker like the rest of us muses “Tell me that didn’t just happen”. We are never going to hear the end of it. Why couldn’t they use this angle to get Cole off TV and JR and King back together.

We go to the back where Todd is talking to Cena who says it was 20th June 2010 since he was last WWE Champion. Tonight after being locked in the cage with Morrison and The Miz. “The Champ Will be here.

We go to a video package hyping Cody Vs Rey in their Falls Count Anywhere Match. One way or another this feud ends tonight as Rey has now been drafted to Raw.

Cody is out first no longer having “Dashing” announced with his name. He comes out with his 2 employees and is of course wearing the mask to protect his face, sorry his nose. Rey comes out to a nice pop.

Cody starts of using his size advantage over Rey. Rey manages to send Cody over the top.

As Cody starts going up the ramp Rey goes after him and his hit with a nice drop kick, for the first pin of the match Cody gets 2. Rey sends Cody into the Titen Tron head first and then a nice Seated Seanton from the stage for a 2 count himself. We head out into the arena up into the fans and up towards one of the exits. Cody gets the upper hand as we go. A couple of times Cody has used the hand rail of the stairs as the climb up. The suddenly make it to the concourse were amazingly people are not blocking their way. A nice kick to Rey’s head gets Cody a 2 count. Rey runs at Cody and is flipped onto the bar, where Rey goes for a cross body and gets 2. Cody heads back into the arena properly and the battle down the stairs not as much as the battled going up. Rey charges Cody who hip tosses him over the barrier back into the ringside area. Rey then gets face planted onto the steps only for a 2 count.

Action back into the ring and Rey makes a comeback with a spring board cross body for 2 then a 2 count after a head butt from the top. Rey sets Cody up for the 619 but he gets away

Rey gets caught with 2 low blows and Cody slams him down hard for a close 2 count. Cody mounts Rey on the top rope where Rey fights out and Rey sprays Cody with some sort of mist ala Great Muta, as he does Cody falls perfectly to be hit with a 619 and a splash of the top and 123 this one is over and Rey gets the win.

What a good match and nice how they went over the building but ended up finishing the match in the ring.

In the back we see Layla talking to the other Divas and apologising for what she has done as tonight could be her last night in the WWE.Back at Ringside

Cole is back in his Colemine, commentary has just taken a turn for the worse.

Next we have the No count-out No DQ Looser Leaves WWE Diva match Michelle McCool Vs Layla. I have no idea where WWE are going with this as McCool is married to Taker and Layla has bags of potential.

Layla goes to stand on the ropes to pose at start of match and McCool takes advantage by knocking her over the rope. McCool gets the early pin attempt but only gets 2. They fight by the announce table and Layla is pushed into it.

Layla gets the comeback only for McCool to get the upper hand again. On the outside Layla tries to deliver a move on McCool on the guard rail but it backfires and she eats the matt’s on the outside.

Layla counters a move from the top but is shown crying as she doesn’t want this. Layla counters the Styles Clash move for a close 2 as McCool gets her foot on the ropes.

Counter after counter ends up in McCool hitting the Styles Clash which Layla counters the pin and gets the 123. Michelle McCool is outta here as Layla cries as she leaves the ring leaving McCool laying in the centre of the ring.

I didn’t see that one coming unless Mrs Calloway (Undertaker) needs some time off for some reason. The crowd start singing Goodbye to Michelle in the ring.

OMG its Khama making her début You may know her as Awesome Kong from TNA. She makes her way to the ring slowly focused on McCool, the crowd are in silence. Khama has not taken her eyes of McCool all the way down to the ring. McCool tries to run but is caught and slammed with an Implant Buster first by Khama.

They show the other Divas looking on in the back in shock as Khama looks back to the ring laughing. I suppose this could be the way of them keeping McCool on TV as she tries to revenge Khama.

In the back we are shown Ricardo Rodriguez with Alberto Del Rio practising saying New World Heavyweight Champion.

We go to a video package showing Edge relinquishing the title due to injury. Then onto the battle royal and how Christian became the man to challenge Del Rio for the World Title and how the built up their rivalry in such a short time.

Personally I would love to see Christian win this but not sure if that is the way they will go. But with the Miz still on Raw I can’t see Del Rio winning as there is 1 World Title on Raw. It could be soon though they turn him face on Raw to face Miz, just a thought.

In the ring Rodriguez introduces Del Rio. Christian comes out to a massive pop. Can he win his 1st World championship in WWE tonight previously of course he was a TNA World Champion.

Don’t forget this is a Ladder Match folks and advantage has to be for Christian, Were underway and Del Rio starts with kicks to the head as the “Lets Go Christian” chants start around the arena.

Christian is the 1st to go outside and try to involve a ladder, however Del Rio follows and sends him into the ring post. Del Rio picks up a ladder but as he tries to bring it into the ring Christian dropkicks it into his chest. Christian sets up a ladder in the ring and starts to climb but Del Rio pulls him off. Del Rio tries for himself but Christian knocks the ladder over.

After another shot with the ladder Del Rio is tossed over the ropes to the outside, as Christian holds the ladder Del Rio hooks a leg and Christian eats ladder.

On the outside Del Rio sets up a ladder across the ring to the announce table. They fight around it but no one ends on it. Del Rio was closest to going on it but as he lay by it Christian went to the middle rope and was cut off as Del Rio pushed him only for Christian to land on another ladder and then cross body onto Del Rio.

Another attempt to go for the belt ends in another exchange and Christian sending Del Rio into a ladder that was laying in the corner. This gives Christian a chance to climb the ladder but Del Rio throws another ladder at Christians back and then Del Rio counters and pulls him down and as he does drives his knees into Christians midsection.

Del Rio sets up a ladder in the corner and drives Christian into it but as Del Rio tries to use another ladder to ram into him Christian moves out the way and has time to climb to try and reach the belt Del Rio pulls him down and goes for a powerbomb which Christian reverses and sends Del Rio onto the apron with a hurricanrana. They tease a bit more until Christian back drops Del Rio onto a a Ladder, then while down Del Rio counters and sends Christian hard into a ladder face first. Del Rio tries to climb again but is cut off.

More action as both men fight outside until they come back in the ring and Christian delivers a spear in honour of Edge. Christian goes up the ladder touches the belt but Del Rio stops him and pulls Christian through the ladder to get him stuck. Del Rio climbs but as he gets close to the top Christian brakes free and tips the ladder.

They go back outside and Christian ends up on the ladder between the ring and announce table. As Del Rio flys Christian moves and Del Rio goes through the Ladder.

While he is down Christian climbs the ladder only for Brodis Clay to come down and pull him down while he had hold of the belt. Del Rio comes back in and hits Christian with the small ladder and locks in the armbar. As Christian is down Del Rio climbs the ladder only to hear a horn and Edge is at ringside in a car. Christian knocks the ladder down and Del Rio falls off onto Rodriguez and Clay. Christian climbs the ladder and we have a NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION Christian has done it. Him and Edge celebrate in the ring.

A 5* match and both guys worked the arses off and we now have a new champ to go forward with potentially new feuds

In the back Alex Riley talks at Miz and goes to use his Awesome phrase. Miz cuts him off and walks off.

Now we have a Tag Title Lumberjack match.

Wade Barrett (Preston’s Own) and Ezekiel Jackson make the way out. Followed by the WWE Tag Champions Kane and Big Show.

Barrett and Show start things off, and Wade is given 2 hard slaps to the chest in 2 corners. Kane is tagged in and Barrett roles to the outside to be put back in by the lumberjacks. Now Kane knocked to the outside and he was set on by the lumberjacks. Show comes to save Kane and beats a few up.

When Kane is back in the ring Zeke takes him down. Quick tag back to Barrett who goes for a pin to only get 2. Zeke back in and beats Kane some more until we have a double clothesline. Both men make the tag and Show beats on Barrett only for Zeke to pull down the rope and Show falls down.

Zeke tags in and slams Show. After this Barrett tags back in much to Zeke’s disappointment Barrett goes for the Wasteland but is caught by Show with the chokeslam for the 123 and the win. After the match the lumberjacks fight as Zeke leaves, the 2 other members of CORE are chokeslammed.

We get an advert for the Rock’s birthday party tomorrow on Raw.

Now it’s Main Event time.

A Triple Threat Cage Match for the WWE Championship.

Morrison makes his way to the ring first. Could WWE give him the belt and have 2 brand new world champs to take the company forward.

Anyway out comes Cena to a big pop, more cheers than jeers tonight for Cena.

The WWE Champion The Miz is out next there is defiantly some cheers in the reaction to The Miz.

Miz takes his time to get in the ring. You can win tonight pin submission or escaping the cage. Miz does not have to be involved in the decision to loose the belt.

Miz tries to climb the cage from the start but is cut off by both Cena and Morrison. After a short exchange both Morrison and Cena are down and Miz sends them both head first into the cage. As he tries to do it to Cena a 2nd time Cena blocks him and sends Miz into the steel. Morrison takes down Cena for a 2 count as Miz tries to climb the cage again only to be cut off by Morrison.

Cena picks Miz up but Miz battles out and gets on the cage Cena cuts him off and hits a bulldog from the top.

Cena hits a 5 knuckle shuffle on Morrison…My screen went blank here for a couple of mins. It came back just as Morrison and Cena delivered the double suplex on Miz that nearly ended badly as Miz landed on back of his neck.

Morrison then hits a brilliant move where he flipped over on Cena and gets a 2. Miz back up climbing cage cut off by Morrison who Miz slams into the cage. Cena back up and locks in the STF on Miz who tries to climb to the door. Miz gets his hands out but feet have to touch the floor. Then Cena tries to get out but is blocked by Miz.

Morrison climbs the cage chased by Cena, Morrison gets over as Miz tries to get out of door which Morrison kicks door on the head of the Miz. Morrison falls but only lands on the door the hard way.

After more action in the ring Miz has Cena against the cage while behind them Morrison tries to escape. Miz catches him and they fight and both end up back inside but Morrison was still holding onto the cage. Morrison then from the top of the cage hits a Starship Pain on both Cena and Miz.

All 3 men are down as Morrison climbs towards the door. He gets cut off by R-Truth who he beat to get in this match a couple of weeks ago taking his place in the match.

Truth then takes Cena out so he can beat on Morrison some more. Truth then climbs the cage out to the floor. Making out he would just have won the match if he were in it. All 3 men still down inside the cage. Miz is first to move and he starts to climb the cage. Cena catches Miz who is dangling over the outside. Cena pulls him back to the top of the cage where the trade blow for blow. Miz falls back inside the cage and Cena almost goes the other way but Miz pulls him back in.

Miz goes for his finisher but Cena counters and hits AA for the 123 and become new WWE Champion.

We get a recap of how Truth cost Morrison and the massive AA from Cena and the 123.

A really good match with some nice false finishes to end the PPV

This was my report written live I will update it properly tomorrow with more thoughts. Hope you enjoy it and come back tomorrow for the full recap.



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