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Full Review of Extreme Rules 2011

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So last night I watched Extreme Rules. Little did I know when I started to watch that it would end up with me seeing the breaking news of the death of Osama Bin Laden. I thought it was a good strong PPV with lots of twists and turns, anyway here are my views. You can also check out the play by play blog here

The PPV starts as usual with a brilliant video package hyping the event. The commentators tonight to start are rather surprising in a way, Josh Matthews has been given the job as lead announcer, although the Coal Mine is in place. Josh is joined at the booth by Jerry “The King” Lawler and Booker T. They don’t get much time to hype the event as Randy Orton’s music hits and we have our 1st match and its a “Last Man Standing” match.

CM punks music hits and out he comes with the New Nexus in toe. As he gets just to the top of the ramp his entrance is interrupted by an email from the “Anonymous” Raw GM. Josh Matthews has the job of reading the email which says that New Nexus are banned from ringside.

This was a really brutal match with lots of kendo sticks used. Plenty of reversals and false finishes. Both men really took a beating and worked hard, with some really nice spots.

Winner Randy Orton after an RKO from the top rope.

We get a match added from Teddy who says Sheamus will Kofi Kingston for the US title and that match will be a Tables Match and is next.

I guess this is the reward for being bumped from Mania. I don’t know if I enjoyed this match or not with two different styles. Sheamus is a brawler whereas Kofi is a bit of a high flyer. Kofi did a lot of avoiding going through tables with a few nice spots.

Eventually Kofi hits his finisher and Sheamus stumbled and ended up on a table where Kofi went to the top and put Sheamus through it.

Winner Kofi Kingston

We see R Truth in the back whining that it should have been him in the main event blah blah blah. The crowd are just not into him at all and continually shout what all through his promo. Essentially he sets up for what you know will happen later.

It is now time for the Country Whipping Match.

It has since emerged the JR had to take part in this match with a broken right hand and needed the the strap taped to his hand as he couldn’t grip.

I can’t say I enjoy this and just wish they would use it to bury Cole but alas they don’t seem to want to do that. When Cole comes out complete with bubble wrap all over him.

Now don’t get me wrong am not going to pan this as 2 of the competitors are not wrestlers and that makes the match harder, JR tries hard and does as he is asked, however to me Cole offers nothing in the ring he doesn’t do anything. The worst thing is he took the win with the role up of JR, it just means Cole will continue to spout nonsense with line fed from Vince and not come up with anything of his own. They could have used this to put JR and King back on commentary but oh no they went the other way again.

Winners Michael Cole and Jack Swagger

In that back we have Cena who says he hasn’t held the title since June 20th 2010 that’s 10 long months.

Next match up is Cody Rhodes Vs Rey Mysterio in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. This has been a nicely built feud with Cody dropping the Dashing gimmick due to the fact that Rey hit him with the 619 and his knee brace breaking his nose. To be fair I don’t think Cody was that Dashing to start with.

Any way this was a decent match again with nice spots especially when they went up out on to the concourse of the arena.

Rey did a nice tribute to the Great Muta by spitting something in the eyes of Cody before hitting the 619 and splash for the win.

Winner Rey Mysterio

What I disliked here is they didn’t do more with the mask, this should really have been the feud ender with Rey now on Raw but it didn’t really have a conclusive end for me.

Next up is the Diva Leaves WWE match and it will be No Count Out and No DQ.

I was interested to see how this match would pan out as you know Michelle McCool is married to Undertaker so to me she is pretty much untouchable. Layla seems to be rated high and has worked hard and sits quite high I would say on the Diva roster.

This match was quite nice again with a few nice reversal spots but women’s wrestling in WWE leaves a lot to be desired. They have no real wrestling skill and most are there just for their looks.

That changed however at the end of this match after Layla countered McCool’s Style Clash type move and pin attempt and got the 3.

Winner Layla

This now means Michelle McCool is done, obviously she wants time off for some reason. As Layla goes up the aisle crying we see McCool in the ring looking stunned. Music hits and maniacal laughing starts and we see the début of the former Awesome Kong, now known as Khama. She comes down to the ring and is focused on McCool who she goes straight for and hits the Implant Buster. She leaves the ring laughing still looking at McCool, while the other Divas look on watching a TV in the back.

This was a nice way to introduce Kharma by squashing a diva who is one of the top in the company. Kharma is a proper woman’s wrestler who has a gimmick that could get her massively over in WWE. As for McCool I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear in a few months that she is going to be pregnant, I wonder if her and Taker want to start a family?

Next up is the match for the World Heavyweight Championship between Christian and Alberto Del Rio. Now be honest did we really expect any other result.

Don’t get me wrong this was a good solid match and both guys worked really hard and took some big bumps but did we really expect any other outcome than Edge coming out and distracting Del Rio and Christian picking up the win and his first World Title in WWE.

Winner Christian

Next after a backstage segment involving Miz and A Ri, we have the toilet break match. It’s a Lumberjack Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship. Big Show and Kane Vs The Core (Wade Barrett and Ezekiel Jackson.

Your run of the mill match here a member from each team gets beaten by the lumberjacks on the outside blah blah blah. What was good though was the finish where Zeke body slammed Andre…Sorry I mean Big Show and then Barrett tagged himself in much to Jackson’s displeasure Barrett tried to hit the Wasteland on Show but he reversed it and hit a chokeslam for the win.

Winners Big Show and Kane

This sets up potentially a nice feud between Zeke and Barrett putting Zeke on another level competing for the Intercontinental Title. It also gave other members of the roster a pay day by being lumberjacks

Finally we get to the WWE Championship Match which is a Triple Threat Cage Match.

I liked the look of this match Morrison is a solid worker, Miz is much improved and can show what he is capable of and Cena always is solid if not a little predictable

All three guys in this match worked so hard and Miz too a really nasty bump of the side of the cage when he was suplexed by both Cena and Morrison and very nearly landed on his neck. Once again there were some nice false finishes and Miz playing the cowedly heel trying to escape at any opportunity.

You knew that R Truth was going to get involved and he did basically costing Morrison the Title. It sort of puts Truth in the main event picture but I am not sure the fans accept him enough. I think many still remember him as K Kwick the side kick to Road Dog.

As it was Truth also laid out Cena but left Miz alone so potentially you have tag matches leading to a 4 way at the next PPV if they can get R Truth over!

So the match finished as I expected it would after the promo earlier in the night with Cena pinning Miz after an AA from the top rope.

Winner John Cena

I have to give props to Miz here he took some nasty big bumps and worked the match well. Cena is a predictable champion but now could be the time he becomes a tweener and maybe a turn soon? Miz is also getting some cheers so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him become a face before to long too. As for Morrison I think he has done enough to say he is a main eventer now but can he take the next step and break the glass ceiling. R Truth is the wild card her though as he could hold Morrison back if that is the direction they go as I don’t think he can main event.

Anyway we shall see how it all plays out in the coming weeks, we only have 3 weeks till the next WWE PPV.

This was a pretty good PPV offering from WWE and I would probably give 3.5*. Match of the night Orton Vs Punk closely followed by Christian Vs Del Rio. Dud was the women’s match until Kharma got involved.

Thanks for reading everyone and I hope you enjoyed my report I will have a new report on after the Sacrifice PPV shown in the UK on the 18th May. The report should be live either straight after the PPV is shown in the UK if not it will be on the morning of 19th.

What ever your up to have a great one and I will catch you then. In the meantime you can follow me on

Please feel free to leave a comment thanks guys.



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