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I have recently started playing the very good if not old  Extreme Warfare V4.2.

Now I was thinking I may use this blog to write about that and my progress. Partly so it gets me writing about things that are wrestling related before I start with my monthly PPV reports for

Anyway I think I will give it a go.

So I started this a little while ago and as you can see am currently in August 2011 (the game started May 2011). Now when I show you the roster you will see some names on it that are no longer with us as the game is not compleatly up to date. I am trying to make the roster what I want it. The game is how I want to book TNA.

This is the 1st part of my roster.

Roster part 2 from Major Guns down

I managed to get TV having changed from the weekly PPV moduel which it starts with if you select to play as TNA I didn’t like that so decided to go for Monthly big shows while I tried to get a TV deal. After around 2 Months SRC decided to offer me TV for 25 weeks. I called the show TNA Wednesday Wild, I had to choose a day when there was no other TV as on the game still has Smackdown on a Thursday. Anyway after 3 shows this is how I am rating.

My first show was in May called Live Wire this is the rundown and how the show scored.

This was just a normal show and not a PPV as at that point I didn’t have TV so I thought running it as a PPV wouldn’t be wise.

Show 2 was the June show Just Too Much

Show 3 the last before I got TV was called Time Crisis

At this point its probably good to show you what feuds I have going on. I have 3 main feuds and 5 minor 1s

So onto my First TV show I originally called it TNA Wednesday Wildeside (Spelling not my strong point lol) but that wouldn’t fit so when I get to next TV which I will show at end of the fictional month show will just be TNA Wednesday Wild.

Show 2 went like this.

And now the final show which brings us up to date.

That brings you up to date with were I am with the show and as a booker. The show is rating around 3.3 with the highest 3.57 which considering the Network can only get is 3.65 is pretty good.

This is the current ratings.

Am currently 1 week away from my next PPV called Summer Spectacular, I may change the names of PPV’s which the now are to reflect actual TNA PPV names.

A couple more things to say are the Title Holders.

TNA World Jeff Jarrett (since start)
TNA Tag Dream Team (Amazing Red & Jerry Lynn) (Beat AMW 17th Aug)
TNA X Division Kazarian (Beat Sabin 26th June)
TNA Knockouts Lita (Title created 31st May)

As yet I don’t have enough quality women on the roster to make a knockouts tag team belt.

So that is you all up to date with my version of TNA I hope you will find it entertaining to follow my TNA. As I said I will update on a fictional monthly basis, I will try and play a month a week if I can at least and update it here.

If you can think of anything to help or any ideas for my TNA show then please feel free to comment.

Catch you soon


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01/05/2011 at 10:30 am

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